Books For Smiles (CSR)

The BCCJ's Books for Smiles programme invites firms of all sizes and across all industry sectors to support the professional development of Japan’s marginalised youth by donating books. All proceeds from the sale of second-hand books are used to provide tuition for youngsters leaving social welfare facilities in Japan. 


Taking part in the Books For Smiles programme is simple!

  • Copy and paste the following table into your email, fill in accordingly, and send to (cc
    お名前/企業名 Name or company name:  
    集荷場所郵便番号 Post/Zip code:  
    集荷場所 Address:  
    電話番号 Phone number:  
    集荷箱数 Number of boxes:  
    集荷希望日 Collection date (month 月 day 日):  
    集荷希望時間 Pick-up slot:  
    (Note: Choose pick-up slot  from AM or  14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-21:00)   
  • Fill in the application form and place it into one of the boxes with your books. (必ず承諾書を1箱に入れてください)
  • After receiving the above information by email, we will arrange to have your books collected from the specified address. You will not receive a confirmation email.
  • Check the guidelines to ensure your books qualify for collection.


How to donate - GUIDELINES (English/Japanese) HERE

Application Form (to be sent with each donation of books) HERE

FAQ on Books For Smiles (English/Japanese) HERE



  • According to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, an estimated 30,000 children and young adults reside in approximately 600 social welfare facilities across the country.
  • Most are in care due to parental problems such as neglect. It is estimated that 60-90% of children living in homes were subject to abuse by a parent or adult before entering the welfare system.
  • With many facility residents suffering from issues related to low self-esteem, only a few are in tertiary education: 20-30%, against the national average of 70-80%. Disparity among facilities also exists and some children’s homes have never produced college graduates. The low rate of higher education leads to a vicious cycle of poverty and social disadvantage. 
  • 10-20% of children entering welfare facilities have a parent with foreign nationality or refugee status. Some children do not have Japanese nationality or residence registration, which complicates their situation and contributes to a sense of displacement in Japanese society.
  • The rate of children with developmental problems is also increasing, which requires more time and professional skills from the already limited number of staff at care homes.


Project Partner

The Books For Smiles project is run by the BCCJ in partnership with NPO Bridge for Smile (, a National Tax Agengy certified not-for-profit organisation, which teaches care-leavers how to build social skills, manage a budget, find accommodation and get a job.

NPO Bridge for Smile channels the BCCJ’s donations to young adults who have been identified as having high motivation to enter further education and / or employment, and ensures that all donations are being used effectively. Keiko Hayashi founder of NPO Bridge for Smile says: “Books for Smiles donations enable us to focus not solely on fundraising, but prioritise our core mission: supporting those leaving care to establish independent living and working arrangements”.

Books For Smiles recipients across Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, as well as Iwate and Fukushima in the Tohoku region - are expected to become trailblazers for other children at their homes who have limited access to adult role models.

BCCJ Books For Smiles project のパートナー 「NPO認定法人ブリッジフォースマイル」について 

ブックフォースマイル の仕組みについて

BCCJ Books For Smiles project の収益金は全て 「カナエールプログラム」(奨学金支援プログラム)に寄付されます。NPO認定法人ブリッジフォースマイル の行っているプログラムひとつカナエールプログラムについて 


How does it work?

Cash raised from the sale of books donated by BCCJ member firms and supporters helps disadvantaged youngsters into vocational training so that they can gain a professional certificate, increasing their chances of securing employment and becoming economically independent. For example, for JPY600,000 support could be given to help a student attend nursing school for one year; tuition for a three-year diploma course costs JPY1.8m. One of the Books For Smiles recipients says, “Thanks to the donations, I do not have to work part-time all night anymore and can now go back home and study early.”

Since Books For Smiles began at the end of 2012, more than 50 BCCJ member companies and individuals have pledged support. Companies have also contributed resourceful ideas and boosted the project by: matching book donations with cash from employees, hosting fundraising events (party, book rally at a restaurant / gallery exhibition and walkathon), and donating gift vouchers that have been dormant in companies for a while.

The bigger picture

Japanese society - aging rapidly and with an unprecedentedly low birth rate - is facing a shrinking domestic labour force; a problem that to a large extent is shared by the UK. It is more and more difficult to find young labour, and yet a significant number of young adults in Japan are not engaged as productive members of the community - largely because of the treatment they have experienced at an early stage of their lives.

As an active and engaged part of the community in Japan, the BCCJ believes it is mutually beneficial to support those disadvantaged youths and support their development in becoming productive members of society.

By involving as many BCCJ member firms and supporters as possible - especially those with limited access to social responsibility opportunities - Books For Smiles leverages our networks to reinforce the position of British business as stable and committed partner to the local community in Japan.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.


Donate to Books For Smiles

Taking part in the programme is simple!


Send an email (see template above) to: (cc  We will arrange to have your books collected - from your home or your company.

How to donate - Guidelines (English/Japanese)

FAQ (English/Japanese)

Application Form (to be sent with each donation of books)

Current BFS update (including list of supporters) HERE



- GSK Japan's Books For Smiles collection point at the company's Tokyo HQ and a poster asking for book donations at Oakwood residences
- Regus Ark Hills Centre`s Books For Smiles collection point
- Virgin Atlantic`s Books For Smiles collection point and a Unilever poster asking for book donations