51 Night - A Midsummer Night's Dream

July 24, 2014 19:00 - 21:00

Just For Fun

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In July 2012, we celebrated the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics at "Olympic 51 Night"; in July 2013, we marked the four hundredth anniversary of diplomatic, trading and cultural relations between Britain and Japan at "400 Night".

This year, along with over 200 guests from the UK-Japan community, you are invited to mark Shakespeare's 450th birthday at "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

This final event before the "summer holidays" will celebrate the spirit of creativity, culture and story-telling that has inspired successful collaborations and a mutual respect between two societies on opposite sides of the world.

The lively evening is organised in association with our friends and colleagues:

- Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI)
- Japan British Society (JBS)
- Visit Britain 
- RSA JFN ( Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce / Japan Fellows' Network) 

Entrance fee includes:

  • 2 drink tickets - beer / wine / cocktails / soft drinks (subsequent drinks tickets can be purchased at the bar)
  • 'Elizabethan inspired buffet' including: 
    Pickle cabbage salad キャベツのサラダ 
    Potato salad ポテトサラダ 
    Chilled cherry & rose soup 薔薇とチェリーの冷製スープ 
    Crimped cod クリンプド コッド 
    Hodgepodge lamb ホッジポッジ ラム 
    Mince meat & liver pies ミンスミートとレバーのパイ 
    Pork roast, gooseberry ポークロースト、グーズベリーを添えて 
    Poor knights Pudding プアーナイト プディング 
    Apple Crumble アップルクランブル 
    Rice pudding ライスプディング 
    Baked cheese cake ベークドチーズケーキ 
  • door prize raffle ticket

Dress code: cool biz (no suits, please!)
Ideas: summer style, colourful, garden party, carnival

Talking point (from BBC): Shakespeare is the UK's greatest cultural icon, according to the results of an international survey released to mark the 450th anniversary of his birth. The Queen and David Beckham came second and third respectively. Other popular responses included JK Rowling, Adele, The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Elton John. READ MORE



Cancellation policy:

Paid reservation by July 16 17:00, after which there can be no refunds on cancellations. No-shows will be charged. 



Members, please book your spot after logging into the BCCJ website (top right "Login" button). メンバーの方は必ずLoginしてからお申し込みください。Loginしないとゲスト料金が請求されます。

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Guests are welcome, though must be introduced by a BCCJ member.

Prior booking is essential. No-shows are unacceptable.

会場の安全上 必ずご予約をお願いいたします ご予約の無い方は入場をお断り致します。

First-come-first-served basis


We cannot accept cash at the door.





Venue Information

Conrad Tokyo, Annex 1F Hamarikyu Ball Room
1-9-1 Higashi-Shinbashi Minato-ku
Tel: 03-6388-8000

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  • Bank transfer

Member Cost: ¥5,500

Non-Members Cost: ¥7,500