Inside Abenomics

July 8, 2014 12:00 - 14:00


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Latest reviews of Abe's reform and restructuring agenda - the "Third Arrow" of Abenomics - have been mixed. A recent cover story by The Economist was wholly positive; other media outlets are reporting that the reforms are not ambitious enough, or will soon be watered down. 

Whatever the media hype, taking on corporate governance, agriculture, immigration and other key topics are huge undertakings for Japan, each of which could  have huge effects on the future of the country.

Third Arrow policies relate to:

- corporate governance
- government fund management
- entrepreneurs
- corporate tax
- R&D
- women
- flexible working and the labour market
- foreign workers
- agriculture
- healthcare

Abenomics - Third Arrow - latest proposals from the Cabinet Office

Background on the Third Arrow (10 key reforms)

So, how is the success and promise of Abenomics being viewed within Japan's ruling party - the Liberal Democrat Party of Japan (LDP). And what can we, businesspeople, realistically expect the government's growth strategy to deliver over the next 12 months.

Join us for lunch on July 8 to gain behind-the-scenes insight from one of the LDP's youngest House of Representatives members, Keisuke Suzuki, on the politics and economics of Abenomics.

Speaker: Keisuke Suzuki, House of Representatives, Liberal Democrat Party of Japan

  • Born in London, UK, Feb 1977
  • Vice-Consul at Consulate General of Japan
  • Former employee of Ministry of Finance
  • Director, Committee on Foreign Affairs 
  • Member, Commission on the Constitution
  • Elected for the first time in 2005 general election 




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