Womenomics at a crossroads - the UK & Japan

Sept. 10, 2015 14:00 - 16:00


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A seminar exchanging updates on gender diversity progress in the UK and Japan

It is no secret that through "Womenomics" PM Abe aspires to have 30% of Japan's leadership positions filled by women, by the Olympic year of 2020.

Mariko Oi, BBC reporter and 2009 Nikkei Woman of the Year, writes:

"I was surprised to see the result of a recent survey - by Japanese advertising and public relations company Hakuhodo - which showed that more than one-third of single women in their 20s want to become a housewife. Even more surprisingly, the number of married women in their 20s who think women should stay at home and focus on housework has risen from 35.7% in 2003 to 41.6% in 2013. That's according to the National Survey on Family by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Two thirds of them think mothers shouldn't be back at work until the children are three years old, and about the same percentage of women give up their jobs after having their first child."

The above does not bode particularly well for PM Abe's aspirations . . .

Meanwhile, the UK Government continues in earnest with its campaign to attract more women into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. This campaign aims to address “biases and working practices” that “result in systematic and cumulative discrimination against women throughout STEM study and academic careers”. The target is to double the number of female engineering and technology undergraduates by 2030.

So where are we on the "Womenomics" agenda, and how can countries and industry engage young women - particularly in traditionally male-dominated industries such as media, technology and engineering?

Join us on September 10 for an update from Japan, the UK and global businesses.


Mariko Oi, BBC World News (Reporter)
Mariko was the first Japanese reporter to work for BBC World News and is recognised for her investigative documentaries. She has explored the issues and attitudes surrounding women in the Japanese workplace. Mariko was nominated as a Nikkei Woman of the Year in 2009.
Further reading: Japanese women at a crossroads (BBC News) http://www.bbc.com/news/business-31792714

Professor Danielle George, University of Manchester (Professor of Engineering)
Working in a male-dominated field, Prof George gave the 2014 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on how to hack your home, becoming only the sixth woman in 189 years to present the Christmas lectures. The lectures included a live conversation with Samantha Cristoforetti on the International Space Station and turning the Shell Centre in London into a giant game of tetris.


  • Suzanne Price, Price Global (President)


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