Investor stewardship and ESG – Where Does The True Value Lies

Oct. 4, 2017 12:00 - 14:00

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Sustainability is poorly understood by many people in the investing community.  There are so many topics within sustainability that it is almost an umbrella covering apparently diverse issues and agendas, such as responsible investing, impact investing, superior risk adjusted investment performance, etc. The key issue might be that sustainability is, simply put, good for your business.

This panel will address these topics by discussing ESG investment issues from a holistic perspective, i.e. the fund investor perspective, the ratings perspective, and from the globally competitive company perspective. These panelists will address each section from their particular spheres of influence to both highlight best investing practices and to discuss where ESG investing is headed in the future.

We are proud to co-host this event with the ACCJ Alternative Investment Management committee.

The panelists:

Arisa Kishigami

As Head of ESG, Asia Pacific, Arisa is responsible for FTSE Russell’s Environmental, Social and Governance services across the Asia Pacific region. Arisa works closely with institutional investors and other clients to provide a comprehensive range of products and data to support them in reaching their investment decisions.

She has been working as an expert in ESG and Sustainable Investment since 2007, including managing corporate engagement programmes, ESG indices and ratings, and supporting stewardship implementation by asset owners. Arisa relocated to Tokyo in 2015 to take up her position as Head of ESG for the region. Prior to this she was based in London, a key hub for ESG investments.

Heather McLeish

Heather McLeish is a Senior Manager in EY Japan’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice. In addition to being responsible for the overall business development of the CCaSS team, Heather focuses how institutional investors are pushing companies for better disclosure and reporting on non-financial risks.

She brings her experience in Investor Relations to the topic of sustainability to better merge business and stakeholder interests and create practical solutions for companies. Heather has over 10 years of combined experience in the financial services industry in Asia, including advisory, strategy, operations, business development, fund raising and investor relations.

Emi Onotsuka:

Emi is the Head of Stewardship Responsibility Group in GSAM Japan and is responsible for ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) research and company engagement activities. Previously, she has held various roles in the distributions, infrastructure, and investment teams since she joined GSAM in 2000.

Most recently, she was the Chief Operating Officer in Asia Pacific for GSAM portfolio management teams (Global Fixed Income and Liquid Management, Fundamental Equity and Quantitative Investment Strategies) until Aug 2016. Before joining Goldman Sachs, she was at JP Morgan since 1998 and received a B.A. from the Sophia University in 1997, majoring in International Business and Economics

 Poster Photo courtesy of EY



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