Brexit, Trump, and the Changing International Order

March 2, 2017 18:30 - 20:30


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Joint event between the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) and Japan British Society (JBS), and presented by Bill Emmott of The Economist.

With Trump pursuing an "America First" policy as President of the United States, old partnerships are anticipated to weaken as is the liberal international order that has prevailed since the 1940s. Emmott will speak about what Japan and the UK can do to make themselves stronger within this environment and the benefits of shoring up their alliances and friendships.

Strengthening ties is important, but also reaching out to new partners. After Trump's choice to discard the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement negotiated by the Obama administration with 12 Asia-Pacific economies, how can those countries, perhaps led by Japan, carry on the deal or something similar, among themselves? Similarly in Europe on matters of trade and security, how can members of the EU and NATO work together better?

And what does the triumph of the Brexit campaign say about the liberal international order? Anger at immigration, globalisation, social liberalism and even feminism, polling shows, translated into a vote to reject the EU. What steps should policymakers in Britain now take, and where should their focus be?

Join us on March 2 to learn more about how today's crisis in liberalism came about, why the British voted for Brexit, and the future of liberalism after Brexit and Trump.

About the speaker

Bill Emmott is an independent writer and consultant on international affairs, best known for his time (1993-2006) as Editor in Chief of The Economist and for his books on Japan, Asia and Europe. He is now a writer of columns for La Stampa in Italy and Nikkei Business in Japan, a board director of Ofcom, the UK’s communications and broadcasting regulator, and a Visiting Professor at Shujitsu Gakuen in Okayama. He was narrator and co-author, with the director Annalisa Piras, of a documentary film about Italy's 20-year decline, Girlfriend in a Coma, in 2013 and then executive producer of a documentary directed and written also by Annalisa Piras, “The Great European Disaster Movie”, in 2015. He is currently writing a new book about how to revive the advanced open societies of America, Europe and Japan, due to be published in March 2017.

Emmott was educated at Latymer Upper School in London and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he attained a First Class Degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). After graduation, he worked for The Economist in Brussels, Tokyo and London, becoming editor-in-chief in March 1993. He stood down in March 2006. During his tenure, The Economist editorialised in favour of the Iraq war, of legalising gay marriage, and of abolishing the British monarchy; and in opposition to Silvio Berlusconi as prime minister of Italy. Weekly circulation grew from 500,000 copies to 1.2 million.

In association with Annalisa Piras Mr Emmott in 2013 set up The Wake Up Foundation, a charity dedicated to using film, text and data for public education about the decline of Western societies. The organisation's first big initiative, Wake Up Europe!, was launched in October 2015, aiming to start a pan-national conversation about the future of Europe. Its next initiative will be the Wake Up 2050 Index, a statistical indicator of how well Western countries are preparing for the big forces of our times.

He has been chairman of the London Library (2009-15), and is a council member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also an adviser to Swiss Re and a member of ANA’s UK Advisory Panel. Bill Emmott wrote the best-selling book The Sun Also Sets: The Limits to Japan's Economic Power (1989) as well as 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-First Century (2003), Japanophobia: The Myth of the Invincible Japanese (1993), Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India and Japan Will Shape our Next Decade (2008), and Good Italy, Bad Italy (2012). 




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