2018 Global Forecast

Jan. 30, 2018 08:00 - 09:30

After a year of global unrest, political fragmentation, coupled with strong economic growth and sharply rising equity markets, what is the outlook for 2018? Will it continue or will it all come crashing down?

Will post-Brexit upset now give way to concrete, longer-term consequences of Britain's break with Europe?

Will President Trump's administration shun international cooperation - or position itself to renegotiate trade terms more favorable to the US?

Can Chancellor Merkel forge a coalition government, and effectively use France and Germany to reform the European Union?

Will President Xi Jinping show us all a thing or two about more consumption- and innovation-driven growth?

And, most importantly for us - how will all of these issues affect Japan, now that it is finally starting to show strong growth and nascent signs of ending deflation? As always, looming in the background is a mountain of debt that makes markets nervous and increases the system’s vulnerability to shocks . . . Is Abenomics finally going to have its day?

With so much going on around the world, is it even possible to identify key themes for the year ahead? We will give it a shot on January 30. Join us for a breakfast discussion, when our BCCJ panel discussion led by William Sposato promises to give some context to 2018.



Bob Takai

Hiroyuki "Bob" Takai has been an Executive Officer of Sumitomo Corporation since April 2014 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President of Global Research Co. Ltd. Hiroyuki Takai serves as an Executive Officer and Assistant to General Manager of Corporate Planning & Coordination Group for Sumitomo Shoji Research Institute, Inc. Hiroyuki Takai served as Corporate Officer at Sumitomo Corporation since April 1, 2013.


Rachel King  

Rachel King joined the Civil Service in 2008 and has spent most of her career
to date at the centre of government. She has worked in the Prime Minister’s Office as private secretary to Sir Jeremy Heywood and assistant private secretary to David Cameron, and at HM Treasury as Programme Manager for the Budget and Spending Review. Rachel moved to Japan in July 2015 and is now based at the British Embassy, Tokyo. Rachel has a particular interest in history and policy making, and her work in this area includes a website about the history of 10 Downing Street and a series of seminars and workshops taking a long-term view of episodes of economic crisis. 



William Sposato 
William has extensive experience of covering Japan for media outlets and knows the country inside out. He is former Japan Editor and South Asia Editor for Thomson Reuters and former Deputy Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal in Japan. He was also a Partner at Kreab Gavin Anderson, and currently writes on macroeconomic issues and monetary policy.

Read articles by William, here: https://www.qbeats.com/




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