Corporate Governance: Japan's Inconvenient Truth

Nov. 27, 2018 08:00 - 09:30


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Breakfast session led by the best - and arguably most energetic - CFO in Japan's healthcare sector

Corporate governance - the system by which companies are directed and controlled - has been cited as a key pillar of Prime Minister Abe's 'Abenomics' programme. Since changes in 2015 to the Corporate Governance Code, reforms in Japan have been progressing slowly but surely.

The aim of the reforms is to improve transparency and re-write relationships between businesses, investors and society. Long-term, these changes are designed to boost competitiveness. Companies that embrace the positive spirit - and not just the letter - of good governance may be able to achieve more sustainable growth.

Given Japan's current demographics, the reforms are also key to the attractiveness of Japanese stocks. Domestic companies are urged to rediscover their ambition, seek opportunities to expand at home and abroad, aim for higher productivity and equity returns, and pass on the benefits to all stakeholders -  and crucially, to shareholders.

More important milestones are up ahead: unwinding cross shareholdings, the broader adoption of compensation and nomination committees, and having greater diversity on boards. These are all steps necessary for creating a better business environment - and achieving better commercial results for Japan Inc.

With the end of another year in sight - how is the nation doing in its bid to realise better governance, transparency and financial returns? How seriously are captains of industry taking Corporate Governance towards the end of 2018? Can the country unlock its untapped corporate value before it's too late?

Join us for a breakfast session on September 27 with the CFO of Eisai Co., Ltd, Ryohei Yanagi who will share with BCCJ members up-to-date insights on corporate governance and value creation in Japan, and reveal some inconvenient truths along the way.


About the speaker

Ryohei Yanagi is Chief Financial Officer of Eisai Co., Ltd., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Japan. He is also Visiting Professor at Toyo University and Visiting Lecturer at Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy, where he teaches corporate governance, corporate finance and investor relations. He earned his Ph.D. from Kyoto University. During the last 15 years, Dr. Yanagi has conducted approximately 3,000 meetings in aggregate with global investors (about 200 meetings per annum) throughout his career with UBS as Executive Director and at Eisai as CFO. He was selected as the Best CFO in Japan’s healthcare sector in 2016 and 2017 by the Institutional Investor magazine.


Corporate Governance and Value Creation in Japan: Prescriptions for Boosting ROE HERE



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