Small is GREAT XII: The foundation for a happy life

April 19, 2018 18:30 - 20:30


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Rina Bovrisse is one of a growing band of women opting out of the corporate world to start their own business. While Japan's public and private sectors suffer from a lack of female participation, the country has seen a relatively high number of women startup founders. According to a 2015 report by the Japan Finance Corporation, there has been a slow but steady increase in female-led entrepreneurial startups since 1991, from 12.4% to 17% of the annual total.
But Rina Bovrisse is not your average entrepreneur . . .
Following a famously public dispute with PRADA, she worked with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to make sexual harassment in the workplace illegal in Japan. In 2011, after turning her back on the world of high fashion, Bovrisse founded Chateau School and its "World Diplomacy Program", designed so that small children can travel around the globe from their classrooms in Azabu Tokyo. The school is set up with children and working parents in mind, to tackle Japan's famously family-unfriendly workplace cultures. As well as all of this, Bovrisse was announced in 2016 to run for the Governor of Tokyo in 2020.
While entrepreneurs and small business owners are known to have demanding work schedules and a steady flow of important decisions to make, Rina seems to take bold challenges in her stride. Harnessing what she coins, the "Power of Positivity" she's managed to overcome personal and professional adversity and define new measures of success - finding happiness through inspiring others through education and social change.
So, has she found the holy grail of entrepreneurship - a balance between work and life? How can she maintain the passion for social change which bolstered her to take the entrepreneurial road in the first place? And does she ever long for the days of being an employee again? We have a feeling the answer is a resouding NO!
Join us on the evening of April 19 when our entrepreneur's forum, Small is GREAT, will turn the spotlight on Rina, the defining moments in her entrepreneur's journey and the challenges of building a successful small business in Japan.
This event is relevant to anyone with a business dream.


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Launched in 2011, BCCJ Small is GREAT (SiG) events are aimed at creating an open platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to build networks and leverage success stories in the Japan market.



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Due to office security restrictions, reception will start at 1815 and attendees arriving after 1850 can not be admitted.
セキュリティの都合上 当日の受付はビル1階入口にて18時15分から18時50分までとさせていただきます。それ以降に到着されてもご入場できません。

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