Cyber AI: Under the Hood

Sept. 11, 2018 08:00 - 09:30


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While companies are racing to go digital, cybercriminals are seeing a widening window of opportunity.

With every passing second, cybercrime syndicates are actively targeting digital ecosystems, including cloud infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS) offerings, and internet of things (IoT) devices. Companies are faced with the challenge of pushing for greater gains in digitisation while balancing the risk of cyber exposure.

In such a fast-moving arena, traditional cybersecurity approaches may offer only limited help. For the newly emerging digital world, cybersecurity needs to be completly reimagined . . .

Join us for a panel discussion over breakfast on September 11, to hear from two British companies making gains in a very complex emerging field.

Our panelists will discuss recent developments in AI, threat detection, and smarter autonomous security systems that can identify outliers from normal patterns - all in plain English.

Miss it, miss out.



Introduction by Paul Ellis, British Embassy Tokyo

Darktrace - Yuji Ashiya


Darktrace is a global artificial intelligence company for cyber defense. Recognized for its Enterprise Immune System technology, Darktrace uses self-learning AI to identify and respond to in-progress cyber-threats. The company has become synonymous with innovation, and recognised as a world leader in cyber AI, recently picking up ‘Best AI Product in Security’ and ‘Outstanding Innovations in AI: Security’, at the CogX Awards 2018.

In August 2017, Darktrace played a significant role in current discussions around cybersecurity and bilateral trade between the UK and Japan, when EMEA CEO Poppy Gustafsson accompanied UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox on a trade mission to the country.


Barclays - Theo Nassiokas, Head of APAC Cyber Security


Barclays have implemented a range of initiatives to help fight cybercrime, from providing Digital Eagles, in-branch staff who teach vulnerable people how to stay safe online, to facilitating cutting research on the dangers of cyber to SME's.

Barclays are playing an increasingly prominent role in the cyber intelligence dialogue, and are currently working with the Govenment-backed Cyber Security Challenge UK, providing a platform to grow the next generation of cyber enthusiasts to grow and aid this societal need.


Moderator: This session will be moderated by Dr Lana Sinapayen from the University of Tokyo's Complex Systems Department

Lana Sinapayen is an Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence researcher. Her main interests are the emergence of artificial cognitive functions such as predictive coding, and evolutionary dynamics leading to open ended systems. Originally from France, she obtained an engineering degree in Information Technologies from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon and pursued her graduate education in Japan, earning a Master's degree in Swarm Robotics from Tohoku University and a PhD in Artificial Life from the University of Tokyo. When she is not implementing neural network models, her main occupations are learning foreign languages and performing failed cooking experiments. You can find her at @sina_lana on Twitter.



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