Small is GREAT XIII - Organic Growth

Sept. 26, 2018 18:00 - 20:00


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Organic Growth

With Duco Delgorge, MIE PROJECT, BtoTree

Why would a person take the risk of quitting a well-paid and enjoyable top job in a wonderful company to start his own business, especially when it is said that 90% of start-ups fail? At our next Small is GREAT session on the evening of September 26, Duco Delgorge will explain his transition from head of a company to entrepreneur, and give pointers on what anyone who has similar thoughts might want to consider before making such a move.

Duco will also introduce MIE PROJECT, which supplies high quality organic food and drinks throughout Japan, and has enjoyed uninterrupted annual growth since its establishment in 2005. He will outline the factors for the firm's success as well as the challenges he and his teams have faced along the way. He will also touch upon a new venture in which he is a co-founder: BtoTree, a B2B online platform that enables SMBs to readily find the best business partners globally. Finally, he will share some thoughts about entrepreneurship, small businesses, purpose, and life.


About the speaker 

Born in 1960, Duco is a Dutch national. He spent his childhood in Prague, New York, Bombay, and Sydney. Later, he lived and worked in the Netherlands, England, and Japan. His first stay in Japan was from 1988 to 1992, when he worked for Unilever. He returned to England, where he had an inspiration that ultimately led to fundamental changes in his work and life, both of which continue to evolve.

In 1995, Duco returned to Japan to become country manager for Puratos, a Belgian food ingredients company. In 2005, he co-founded MIE PROJECT and was CEO until May 2018, when he became chairman. He remains committed to supporting MIE PROJECT and its stakeholders, but also aims to fulfill other goals related to that original inspiration.



MIE PROJECT, established in Tokyo in 2005, is a leading importer and supplier of exceptional, delicious, natural, organic, and fair-trade food and drinks to the Japanese market. It has 21 suppliers from 9 countries. The range of nearly 200 products is distributed to about 2,000 stores and cafes throughout Japan, and is also sold directly to consumers.

About Small is GREAT events 

Launched in 2011, BCCJ Small is GREAT (SiG) events are aimed at creating an open platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to build networks and leverage success stories in the Japan market.


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Due to office security restrictions, reception will start at 1745 and attendees arriving after 1815 can not be admitted.
セキュリティの都合上 当日の受付はビル1階入口にて17時45分から18時15分までとさせていただきます。それ以降に到着されてもご入場できません。

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