Building a Sustainable Workplace

Feb. 20, 2019 17:00 - 19:00


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The new year often brings a slew of New Year’s resolutions along with it, and despite our best intentions, many of these are left by the wayside. If any of your resolutions had to do with your purpose, sustainability, positive impact or improving your team engagement then the first BCCJ hackathon of 2019 may be for you.

Please join us in the beautiful, and eco-friendly, Hogan Lovell’s office for an evening of dialogue and learning on what we can do to create a more sustainable workplace. We will be joined by Aragon St-Charles of Hogan Lovells, Tove Kinooka of Global Perspectives, and Heather McLeish of EY Japan who will lead the discussion from their unique perspectives. This will be an energetic session where we can identify challenges and find solutions together. Through the discussion we will aim to create feasible action plans that will help us all fulfill some of our resolutions!


Speaker Bios

Aragon St-Charles
, Hogan Lovells
Aragon joined Hogan Lovells in Tokyo 3 years ago as their Operations Manager, with responsibility for overseeing projects ranging from the complete design and build-out of their new eco-friendly office, through to the full-scale research, design and implementation of specific regional HR and risk management projects. His role also encompasses the shared leadership of the office's Diversity & Inclusion, and Corporate & Social Responsibility initiatives, as well as leading their sustainability programme. He is a qualified Permaculture Designer and the founder and owner of a small not-for-profit social enterprise called Japan Aquaponics (promoting sustainable agriculture).

Tove Kinooka, Global Perspectives
Tove Kinooka founded Global Perspectives K.K. in 2015 with her business partner Gavin Dixon. They are sustainability business partners who work together with their clients to create sustainable behavioural transformation in leaders and organisational culture that in turn leads to a positive impact on our society and environment. Through collaborative partnerships with One Young World’s Japan Committee and RIJ (Refugees International Japan), Global Perspectives delivers unique experiences and insights that connect and apply business strategies and expertise to the U.N. SDGs, and address the most challenging issues facing our society today.

Heather McLeish, EY Japan
Heather is a Director in the EY Japan Financial Services Advisory practice leading the business development and go to market efforts. Before joining this team she was a Senior Manager and leader of the EY Japan sustainability advisory known as CCaSS (Climate Change & Sustainability Service). She was responsible for the overall business development of the CCaSS team and focused on how institutional investors are pushing companies for better disclosure and reporting on non-financial risks. She focused heavily on merging business and stakeholder interests to create practical solutions for companies. Heather has been living in Asia since early 2001. Prior to working in EY Japan, she worked in financial services and real estate focused firms in Asia, living in both Hong Kong and Tokyo. Heather also has experience doing projects in Australia, Vietnam, and Singapore.



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Hogan Lovells office
17F Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg. 1-4-2 Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku

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