Past Events

Summaries of recent BCCJ events are published in our news section and here below.

A Night with Irish

September 4th 2019

The BCCJ and IJCC teamed up for our annual "Night with the Irish," made particularly special by the imminent start of the Rugby World Cup 2019. The Night provided us a great opportunity to host clients, meet new professional contacts, and most importantly enjoy an evening of Irish food, drink and cheer with fellow Chamber members. 


Travel Tourism Think Tank - Responsible Tourism

July 29th 2019

BCCJ launched its Travel Tourism Think Tank, welcoming various Japanese and global industry players to analyse how businesses can leverage the nation's incredible tourism boom in a responsible way.

With such a sharp increase in foreign visitor numbers, Japan and its people are grappling with the government’s plan to develop the tourism industry into a new pillar of the economy while over-tourism threatens to burden historical sites and infrastructure.

This event was attended by 10 specialist booths, showcasing some of the hottest travel experiences & services in Japan from trend-setting organisations.

Great British Summer Bash

July 24th 2019

The BCCJ and the Japan British Society (JBS) found the the perfect way to welcome the season of 'atsui desu ne', with our Great British Summer Bash! Lapping up dazzling skyscraper views alongside friends at Lumiveil Tokyo, over 100 guests enjoyed a fine selection of mouth-watering British-inspired classics and thirst-quenching beverages, as well as that Great British favourite: a raffle!


Sake Salon by IMADEYA

July 11th 2019

The ladies of the BCCJ enjoyed a 'joshikai' hosted by Chamber member Imadeya.

When it comes to sake, there is more than meets the eye. Through this event, the Imadeya team provided recommendations on how best to enjoy this timeless favourite, and learn how it paired with certain flavours and dishes. Various brands of sake were matched with a mouth-watering tasting menu, prepared by the chefs at Kurabuu restaurant in Tsukiji.

This event came as a result of previous BCCJ Hackathon, "What do Women Want from the BCCJ?", where guests called for smaller, informal women's networking opportunities with a focus on quality exchange and interaction.

Tech Hack: UK-Japan Innovation Ecosystems in 2019-2020

July 9th 2019

Our Hackathon series continued in its mission to tackle creative thinking and problem solving at our very own BCCJ Hub.

The goal of this 'Tech Hack' was to pool our collective wisdom and generate Digi-Tech Innovation ideas that could, in turn, lead to tangible changes in BCCJ member firms across Japan on the road to 2030.

We enjoyed exploring how Digi-Tech can contribute to the long-term prosperity of the public and privates sectors in the UK and Japan.

 Rolls Royce - Breakfast with Ben Story

June 7th 2019

BCCJ members enjoyed a breakfast meeting with Ben Story, Strategic Marketing Director of Rolls-Royce.

With a history in Japan of over 100 years, the company operates from offices in Tokyo and Osaka and collaborates closely with Japanese heavy industry firms - contributing to the Rolls-Royce Trent aero engine family - specifically through the design and manufacture of modules, materials and components.

Rolls-Royce also runs a joint research project with the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) to develop next-generation superalloys for turbine blades on future engines, which will help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Over breakfast, Mr Story shared updates from Rolls Royce HQ, and offered his views on Brexit, the future of the UK-Japan and EU-Japan business landscape.


Small is GREAT XV: Law and Disorder

July 6th 2019

The BCCJ was honored to hear from Catherine O'Connell as part of our series of Small is GREAT events, aimed at creating an open platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to build networks and leverage success stories in the Japan market.

Catherine assured us that building a business is not for the faint of heart. However, if you're willing to work slightly crazy hours, be surrounded by a bit of disorder, delay gratification and learn from your failures, you can build both a business and a life that is truly your own. After all, "Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream.”

 BCCJ Cup 2019 - Annual Golf Day

May 31st 2019

This year's BCCJ Cup welcomed approximately 60 golfers from the BCCJ and our wider network, for a leisurely day out on a beautiful Jack Nicklaus-designed course.

The BCCJ's generous sponsors saw the distribution of some fabulous prizes, including overnight stays at luxury resorts; fine dining vouchers; test-drives of luxury cars for the weekend, and much more. 

The BCCJ golf day dates back to 1951 - will your name be next on our trophy??



 51 Night at Bebu by Andaz

May 23rd 2019

The BCCJ's 51 Nights are "just for fun" networking evenings where BCCJ members reconnect with old friends and colleagues and meet new contacts.

These purely social evenings used to be held on the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills Club, hence the name "51 Night". Since 2010, our 51 Nights have been held at various member venues around Tokyo.


Driving ACES - Panel discussion with Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover

May 21st 2019

The BCCJ collaborated with the Embassy of Sweden to understand how the ACES - Automated, Connected, Electric and Shared vehicles - transition is happening sooner, rather than later. Hosted at the Embassy of Sweden, the ACES event featured panelists Magnus Hansson (CEO, Jaguar Land Rover Japan Ltd.), Takayuki. Kimura (CEO, Volvo Cars Japan), and Martin Krantz (Founder and CEO, Smart Eye) to discuss these topics. The event was moderated by Yumi Kawabata (Automotive and environmental journalist).


 AR and VR: Under the Hood

April 25th 2019

To cut through media hype and tackle this hot topic in more depth, the BCCJ invited Shadow Factory, a Hong Kong based VR creative company to talk about the impact of VR and AR on industry, and demonstrate some of the real-world applications for business development and marketing.

We also looked at how the fields of VR and AR are delivering medical and industrial training applications.


BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2019

April 24th 2019

The evening addressed the receipt of the Chairman’s Annual Report, the receipt of the Statement of Account, the election of Executive Committee, the election of President, and the appointment of Certified Public Accountants


Inside My Company: ARUP

April 10th, 2019

The Inside My Company lunch sessuib heard how Alberto's team at Arup in Japan is engaging with Japanese rail operators, engineers, contractors and suppliers on cross-border opportunities and, in the process, is supporting traditionally domesitc teams to develop a more global mindset.


Diversity in Rugby (Rugby Alliance Event II)

March 26th 2019

The second event hosted by the Rugby Alliance, a coalition of 8 national foreign Chambers in Japan. Esteemed guests came to offer their perspectives and answer questions concerning the major strides in gender diversity that have recently been made in rugby, and what still needs to be done for the Rugby World Cup 2019 and beyond. 

AI Under the Hood: turning water into gold

March 12th 2019

We were joined by Darren Cook in an interactive presentation where he talked about the impact of AI and data on the entire world and the implications that the advancement of this technology has on the future.


International Women's Day 2019: Balance for Better

March 8th 2019

Across the world, companies and organisations are striving to achieve gender balance. Initiatives such as the 30% Club, He For She, and the W20 have begun to produce results in the public and private sectors. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, even gender-balanced sports coverage . . . 


What is YOUR ideal Society 5.0

22nd February 2019

Society 5.0 is an initiative led by the Japanese public and private sectors, as well as one of the key pillars of the upcoming G20 (June) and B20 (March) to be held in Osaka this year. The “human-centric” feature of Society 5.0, which capitalises on demographic issues in Japan (i.e. ageing population) and on unique Japanese technological capabilities (i.e. robotics), has been well received overseas. Yet, few Japanese are familiar with this exciting initiative.


Building a Sustainable Workplace

20th February 2019

We were joined by Aragon St-Charles of Hogan Lovells, Tove Kinooka of Global Perspectives, and Heather McLeish of EY Japan who lead the discussion of how to create a more sustainable workplace from their unique perspectives. This was an extremely informative session, where we identified challenges and found solutions together, creating concrete plans to work towards our goals.


The W20 and Knowledge Partnerships

19th February 2019

The W20 is an official engagement group that proposes policy recommendations related to women, to the G20. In 2019, the W20 summit will take place in Japan on March 23 and 24. Ahead of this global conference, Haruno Yoshida, co-chair of this year's W20 spoke about her ideas and goals for the summit. Can you support the W20 leadership shape a meaningful agenda for this year and beyond? 

Lunch with the 2019 Lord Mayor of London

15th February 2019

The Lord Mayor is visiting Japan to enhance collaboration in the areas of Asset Management, Fintech and Green Finance, and is actively seeking opportunities to work more closely with Japanese firms in these areas. 

Green Finance - Where we are, and why it all matters

14th February 2019

Ted Roosevelt IV, Managing Director in Banking and great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, has a long history of engagement in sustainability and environmentalism. He talked about how Barclays has been shaping the green bond market, using securities to fund climate-friendly investments, and what other businesses could do to help.

Small is GREAT XIV: The Unintentional Salaryman

7th February 2019

So how does an entrepreneur get onto the radar of a house-hold name in the English language learning sector? How do you begin to negotiate selling your baby? What keeps you motivated to succeed through business cycles and transitions? And at the end of the day, has the against-the-tide journey from entrepreneur to full-time employee all been worth it?

The UK's Image Before and After Brexit part II

1st February 2019

Two and a halfyears on from the referendum, how attractive is the UK for business, education, and for tourism in the eyes of Japan's young people? How are the Brexit negotiations affecting the UK's image?

2019 Global Forecast

30th January 2019

To make sense out of geo-political and economic issues coming in 2019 - Florian Kohlbacher, Director for The Economist Intelligence Unit, Japan and Korea, led a lunchtime talk followed by an arm-chair discussion in order to provide some context to the coming year.

UK-Japan 21st Century Education Roundtable

22nd January 2019

Japan is on the cusp of delivering two 'mega years' in 2019 and 2020. At our roundtable event on January 22, BCCJ members in the Education industry engaged in discourse on the subsequent opportunities arising for their sector - due not least to the forthcoming Rugby World Cup 2019, the G20, the UK-Japan Season of Culture, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

BCCJ Shinnenkai (New Year Party) 2019

17th January 2019

This year’s party was hosted in the elegant surroundings of the Palazzo Ducale Azabu - a little-known venue with big impact, nestled in the heart of Tokyo. Here we also revealed our plans for BCCJ 5.0!

Joint Chamber Bonenkai

11th December 2018.

The 25th annual Bonenkai event hosted by the different international business chambers in Japan.

Mini Masterclass: LinkedIn

4th December 2018.
With over 600 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. But when people think of the platform, they tend to only see one tiny piece of the puzzle: recruiters and job seekers. So what if you aren’t looking for a job? Why would you still have a LinkedIn account? The answer is simple: LinkedIn is a goldmine for branding, sales and marketing.

Corporate Governance: Japan's Inconvenient Truth

27th November 2018. 

Corporate governance - the system by which companies are directed and controlled - has been cited as a key pillar of Prime Minister Abe's 'Abenomics' programme. Since changes in 2015 to the Corporate Governance Code, reforms in Japan have been progressing slowly but surely.


Work-style Innovation: Rhetoric vs Reality

21st November 2018.  Much has been made of the Japanese Government's attempt to drive 'Work-style Innovation". Faced with a decreasing population, ageing society and declining birthrate, the Abe administration has devised measures to revise the nation's labour regulations and improve productivity.


British Business Awards 2018

2nd November 2018. The British Business Awards (BBA) gala recognise excellence and promote success and innovation across all industries. The awards also acclaim the important social contributions made by organisations through their commitment to community, diversity and inclusion, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability. Company of the year for 2018 went to AstraZeneca. 



A Diverse and Inclusive Tale of Two Cities (with Gov Koike and CEO of Lloyds of London)

10th October 2018. On October 10, Governor Koike addressed members and guests of the BCCJ on her progress in having Tokyo operate as a Smart City - which rest on pillars such as "Diversity" and "Safety" - and discussed with Dame Inga Beale of Lloyds what the future between UK and Japan could look like.



Tokyo Disaster: Get prepared

4rd October 2018.After a string of extreme happenings in Japan this year - including earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, and a record-breaking heat wave - the BCCJ  deliverd an event that  provided you with the lastest information on disaster forecasting and preparedness, in English.

Small is GREAT-Organic Growth 

26th September 2018. Duco Delgorge explained his transition from head of a company to entrepreneur, and gave pointers on what anyone who has similar thoughts might want to consider before making such a move.


 Rugby world cup-One year to go

20th September 2018.With only one year until the Rugby World Cup 2019, eight foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan have formally announced the creation of a coalition, The Rugby Alliance.



Women in leadership

14th September 2018. Helen Woods, managing director of international services provider Equiom Solutions, held an interactive roundtable with BCCJ members on the topic of “Women in Leadership.” Visiting Tokyo on a tour of the firm’s Asia offices, Woods drew on her 25-year background in the tax planning industry and experience of managing Equiom’s global team of tax professionals to start a conversation on career development, management skills and work-life balance for women.  


Cyber AI

11th September 2018. More than 60 BCCJ members gathered for breakfast to hear experts from BCCJ member firms Barclays and Darktrace share their thoughts on developments in cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI).


The current state of ahhairs, with Liam Fox

1rd Aughst 2018. we had an excellent opportunity for members to once again hear directly from a man very much at the centre of Government and Theresa May's cabinet.


Great British Beer Garden

20th July 2018. Celebrate - and commiserate about - the arrival of summer in Japan, at the Great British Beer Garden!

The 7 Deadly sins of Selling in Japan

18th July 2018. Salespeople are fundamental to the success of any business but are not being trained sufficiently to do their jobs, according to Dr Greg Story, who spoke at a BCCJ event on 18 July.

UK Gov. Response to Disaster in Japan

17th July 2018.Representatives from the British Embassy, Tokyo led a BCCJ event on 17 July to give members an insight into how the UK government might respond to a disaster in Japan.



GDPR-How does it affect your business in Japan

13th July 2018.  The new EU data privacy regulation's long arm reaches you nonetheless!




Lunch with Lord Mayor of London

7th October 2018. While visiting Japan in his role as international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector, Lord Mayor of the City of London Charles Bowman joined a BCCJ luncheon in July.


21st Century Solutions - D&I in 2018


3rd July 2018. Panel Discussion about women in the workplace featuring the Mayor of Yokohama- Fumiko Hayashi, SDI member- Fiona Hyslop, and Founder of eWomen- Kaori Sasaki.

BBCJ Cup - Annual Golf Day 2018


24th June 2018. BCCJ members and guests participated in the annual BCCJ golf tournament for an active day at Gold Tochigi President's Country Club, organised by the BCCJ Golf Taskforce. 

The UK's Image Before And After Brexit


20th June 2018. A Major Study Of The UK's Image Before And After The Brexit Referendum. 

51 Night at Bebu


16th June 2018. Social night at Anzu Bebu for BCCJ members. 

What keeps you awake at night? Business risks workshop

14th June 2018
. Discussing how business risks can be managed.


Diversity Drill Down Hackathon

30th May 2018. Sharing ideas for creating diversity & inclusivity in the work place.


Royal Wedding Viewing Party

19th May 2018. Celebrated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding at Conrad Tokyo.


Rugby Scrum Hackathon

18th May 2018. A diverse mix of BCCJ members, Japanese stakeholders and Chamber partners.


BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2018

26th April 2018. The result of the 2018-2019 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) election was announced to BCCJ members at Conrad Hotel Tokyo.


Small is GREAT XII: The foundation for a happy life

19th April 2018. Welcomed Rina Bovrisse, fashion executive, gender equality activist and successful entrepreneur for our 12th “Small is Great” event.


One year to go: the UK view on progress towards Brexit

18th April 2018. Rhys Bowen came to discuss the details on progress in the negotiations between the UK and the EU. He gave insightful information regarding the Brexit developments and what to expect over the next 12 months.

Joint Chambers Young Professionals Networking Party

5th April 2018. One of our series of Young Professional's events, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) in association with fourteen other Chambers of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo's brightest and best young professionals enjoyed an evening of networking and socialising.

Successful Joint Ventures

29th March 2018. The BCCJ held an expert panel to discuss advices on joint ventures i.e. two brand names joining forces in a business. The event was held at the ANA InterContinetal Tokyo. 

Japan Eyes LSE in 2018

19th March 2018. 
The BCCJ held an evening event to discuss how LSE is maintaining dominance despite Brexit, the attraction of a London dual-listing for Japanese companies and what is going to happen to Japanese IPOs in 2018. 


Pledge for Parity: International Women's Day

8th March 2018. The BCCJ team, British Embassy and members met together for an event to celebrate the economic, social, cultural, and political achievements of women while pressing for the progression of gender parity in the workplace and globally. 

Responsible Luxury: made in the UK

21st February 2018. 
Members of the BCCJ got to enjoy Berry Bros and Rudd wine to discuss the best of British luxury goods. Discussion included challenges that could affect those in the luxury industry but the growth of British luxuries in the Japanese market. 

What does Brexit mean for Scotland, the UK, and Japan?

16th February 2018. Rt. Hon. David Mundell MP came to visit the British Embassy for a session on what Japanese companies can expect the post-Brexit economy will look like and how this will affect overseas relationships.  

Reputation Capital: the most valuable global currency

5th February 2018. 
The BCCJ held an expert panel to discuss the key mechanisms that make and remake corporate reputations, providing an essential guide for how to protect your firm against corporate scandals.

2018 Global Forecast 
30th January 2018. 
After a year of global unrest, political fragmentation, and economic growth, the BCCJ held an event to look into the outlook for 2018. A breakfast discussion with panelists forecasted key themes for the upcoming year. 

BCCJ Shinenkai (New Year Party) 2018

17th January 2018. The BCCJ helped usher in the Year of the Dog with a social New Years Party event. Guests got to enjoy free-flowing drinks, gourmet snacks, and plenty of opportunities to network and connect with other members of the Chamber. 

Joint Chamber Bonenkai 2017 

5th December 2017. 
The 24th annual bonenkai event held by multiple chambers was a networking party drawing from a diverse crowd of over 300 businesses from domestic and international chambers in Japan. 

What you need to know about Japan's Inheritance and Gift Tax

29th November 2017. 
A toolbox session held by the BCCJ and PriceWaterhouseCooper discussed the revision of inheritance taxes in Japan and how these changes could affect firms. 

Asia and the UK: prospects in a post-Brexit era

28th November 2017.
The BCCJ hosted a lunch-time seminar led by Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist at the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), focusing on the future of the Asian economy and the commercial opportunities that will emerge in a post-Brexit environment

European Chambers luncheon with the governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike

22nd November 2017. 
Governor Koike came in to discuss her plans for Tokyo ahead of the 2020 Olympic games and how to make the capital a global hub post-2020. 


International Business Connections with YEG

14th November 2017. 

In association with the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan YEG), a select group of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan invited members and guests to attend this event to promote business matching and information sharing between Japanese SMEs / entrepreneurs and overseas firms planning to expand their customer base and / or the range of products and services supplied to Japan.


British Business Awards

2nd November 2017. 
The British Business Awards (BBA) gala recognise excellence and promote success and innovation across all industries. The awards also acclaim the important social contributions made by organisations through their commitment to community, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability. Company of the year for 2017 went to Aston Martin. 

Ready to join the Space Race?

24th October 2017.  The BCCJ is presented members and guests with the opportunity to hear directly from Japanese firms disrupting the space-tech industry. Offering micro-satellites that weigh less than 100kg, and cutting the costs of space utilisation by up to 99%, these start-ups are providing new and exciting ways to explore the planet, allowing private enterprises and intrepid individuals to 'join the space race'.

Investor stewardship and ESG – where does the true value lie?

4th October 2017. 
Co-hosted with the ACCJ Alternative Investment Management committee, a panel session was held discussing the pros of sustainable operations in your business to improve ESG (environmental, social, and governance) ratings. 

Building Resilience in your Organisation 

3rd October 2017. 
In collaboration with RIJ, Refugees International Japan, the BCCJ and Global Perspectives held an seminar on refugees overcoming their hardships and how they set up successful businesses despite adversity.  

The Future of Work and the Gig Economy

3rd October 2017. The BCCJ memebers gathered for luch at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, to hear on ways to improve modern employment, drawing from the research on self-employment, the gig economy and entrepreneurship by the RSA. 

Sparkling wine around the world

28th September 2017. BCCJ members joined together with Nick Penga, the director of Berry Bros and Rudd Asia, on a journey of tasting 10 different wines. Enjoying aromas, styles, and secrets of wine-tasting.

Balance on the Board - Baroness Virginia Bottomley

22nd September 2017. The members of BCCJ gathered at the Peninsula Hotel, to hear from Baroness Virginia Bottomley, about the benefits of diverse broad, attracting good people, and ensuring board independence and good governance. 

Night with the Irish 2017

21st September 2017. The BCCJ members joined the IJCC for the annual "Night with the Irish", catching up and networking over drinks and refreshments at the Irish Ambassador's Residence. 

Young Professional's Networking Party

27th July 2017. One of our series of Young Professional's events, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) in association with fourteen other Chambers of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo's brightest and best young professionals enjoyed an evening of networking and socialising.

Dr Sayuri Shirai on Reflating Japan's Economy

19th July 2017.  
BCCJ members gathered for breakfast at the Peninsula Hotel to hear reflections and predictions on Japan’s economy from Dr Sayuri Shirai, a professor in the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University and visiting scholar at the ADB Institute


The Great British Pimm's Party

6th July 2017. Almost 100 guests gathered at the Hilton Odaiba at "Pimm's o'clock" to attend the BCCJ's annual summer social event. BCCJ and British Market Council members celebrated UK-Japan relations and enjoyed a warm summer evening of networking and catching up with friends.


British & Irish Lions vs. NZ All Blacks BBQ

1st July 2017. July at the BCCJ started with a unique afternoon networking event in association with the ANZCCJ at the Embassy of New Zealand, Shibuya, featuring a panel discussion on sports sponsorship, a BBQ, and a live screening of the second British & Irish Lions vs. New Zealand All Blacks.

Leadership: Change or Die

28th June 2017. BCCJ members attended the popular Toolbox event, "Managing Change in a Complex Environment" with guest speaker Miriam Mulcahy, a board level advisor with a track record of driving positive change in resistant and challenging environments.

A Discussion on North Korea at the BCCJ

15th June 2017. BCCJ members met for lunch at the Grand Hyatt for an eye-opening panel discussion on North Korea with Dr. David Ellis, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy; Anna Fifield, Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post; and Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC Tokyo correspondent.

BCCJ and ACCJ Hold Joint Women's Networking Event

8th June 2017. On the evening of June 8th, the BCCJ and ACCJ held a joint women's networking event at the Ark Hills Café for a friendly evening of productive exchange, networking, good food and wine.

2017 BCCJ Golf Day

3rd June 2017. BCCJ members and guests participated in the annual BCCJ golf tournament for an active day at Gold Tochigi President's Country Club, organised by the BCCJ Golf Taskforce.


2020 Paralympics: Engaging the Public

2nd June 2017. At a joint awareness-raising event, the BCCJ and ACCJ welcomed representatives of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center to talk about the power of parasports and how better to engage the public and commercial partners through parasports experiences.


Attracting and Retaining Millennial Professionals

31st May 2017. BCCJ members and guests learned from David Swan, Managing Director of Robert Walters Japan & Korea, how organisations can attract top talent, retain it, and engage Millennials/Generation Y to produce their full potential on the job.

Launching a Successful Business in Japan

23rd May 2017. BCCJ members attended the latest in the BCCJ 'Small is GREAT' series, "Success as a Serial Entrepreneur in Japan", to hear from trailblazer Fariza Abidova about her motivational and empowering journey as a foreign, female entrepreneur in Japan.

BCCJ Members Taste Award-Winning English Wine

18th May 2017. BCCJ members and guests gathered at the Life Sciene Hub in Nihonbashi for the unique chance to taste wines from two renowned English winemakers, Bolney and Digby, and to sample award-winning sparkling wine not yet available to buy in Japan.

2019 RWC Draw: The Results

10th May 2017. At the latest in a series of Global Sporting Events, a recorded screening of the 2019 Rugby World Cup Pool Draw was shown followed by an analysis by an expert panel on the allocation, teams, and opportunities for business. 

What do Women Want from the BCCJ? 

25th April 2017. Twenty women attended an informal brainstorming session at the BCCJ office to discuss how to better engage female members at the BCCJ.

2017-18 Executive Committee Announced at AGM

20th April 2017. The results of the BCCJ's contested 2017-2018 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) Election were announced and approved at the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which took place at the British Embassy.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at the BCCJ

6th April 2017. The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, was interviewed by the Executive Director of the BCCJ, Emma Hickinbotham, and answered questions from BCCJ members in a Q&A session at a fully booked luncheon at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Article 50: Next Steps

5th April 2017. BCCJ members attended a meeting at the British embassy to hear directly from UK Ambassador to Japan on the current situation around the UK exiting the EU and the UK’s new industrial strategy in a Japan context.

Young Professionals End of Year Party

30th March 2017. At the second in our series of Young Professionals events hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) in association with fourteen other Chambers of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo's brightest and best young professionals enjoyed an evening of networking and socialising.


When Abenomics Meets Trump

24th March 2017. The BCCJ and the ANZCCJ jointly hosted a panel of prominent economists to analyse and discuss American economic policy under the Trump administration, its effects on Japan's economy and the implications for businesses operating in the Japanese market.

BCCJ Spring Party

23 March 2017. On the evening of 23 March, the BCCJ welcomed its members to the stylish, and glamorous TwentyEight Bar at the Conrad Tokyo for an evening of informal networking with fellow members and new friends.

The Paralympics: Transforming Perceptions and Inspiring Excellence

7th March 2017. BCCJ members heard from Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of the British Paralympic Association, and triple Paralympian Andy Barrow, on best practicies in the business of the Paralympics and how sport can transform perceptions and inspire excellence.

Brexit, Trump, and the Changing International Order

2nd March 2017. BCCJ and JBS members gathered to hear from Bill Emmott of The Economist on how today's crisis in liberalism came about, why the British voted for Brexit, and the future of the international order.   

Global Leaders: Rewards for Your Business

27th February 2017. BCCJ members gathered at the Shangri-La for a panel discussion on cultivating strong global leaders and the immense rewards such leaders bring to business.

Dow Jones: Keeping News Credible

22nd February 2017. BCCJ members heard from Jonathan Wright, Managing Director International of Dow Jones, to hear how publishers are changing strategy to meet changing consumer trends and needs and how WSJ retains its credibility in an increasingly fake news world.

2017 Business Trends from the C-Suite

1st February 2017. At a lunch event held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, a panel of CEOs from diverse industries spoke to BCCJ members and guests about the trends they believe will define the business agenda in 2017.

The Business Case for Flexible Working

30th January 2017. At a seminar in association with BT Japan BCCJ members and guests heard Kaoru Iino, head of marketing at BT Japan and Yu Kashiwagi, BT's One Collaborate product specialist, share not only the company's flexible HR policies, but introduce and demonstrate the innovative technology that make flexible working possible.

Welcome, Ambassador Madden!

27th January 2017. BCCJ members heard from the new UK Ambassador, Paul Madden CMG, about his previous experience and what he hopes to achieve during his time as Britain's ambassador to Japan.

How to Mainstream Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in your Organisation 

19th January 2017. BCCJ members and guests attended an eye-opening training session at British Council aimed at raising awareness and developing capabilities in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion at work.

BCCJ New Year's Party (Shinnenkai)

18th January 2017. BCCJ members and guests celebrated the beginning of 2017 and toasted in the new year, enjoying the sparkle and stunning night views of Tokyo from the elegant Tavern Lounge up the 51st floor of the five-star Andaz Hotel in Toranomon Hills.

Strategic Partnerships in Nuclear Decommissioning

16th January 2017. A BCCJ event in association with the British Embassy's Department for International Trade (DIT) on strategic partnerships in nuclear decommissioning.

Young Professionals End of Year Party

15th December 2016. On 15 December, young professionals from the BCCJ and ACCJ celebrated the end of the year at an exciting new Tokyo venue and enjoyed networking over free-flow drinks and finger food.

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt at the BCCJ

9th December 2016. UK Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, spoke to BCCJ members about the status of the NHS, the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, his time working in Japan, and his previous experience as an entrepreneur.

Fintech: Equity evaluation made easy

7th December 2016. Akio Kurata, founder and CEO of EQUITY-X Inc., shared with members and guests how he left behind his corporate career in M&A to work with developers and designers in Silicon Valley and artificial intelligence experts to build his own equity valuation tool and launch EQUITY-X Inc. - now a transnational business.

BCCJ Old World vs New World Wine Tasting

2nd December 2016. BCCJ members gathered in the elegant Imperial Dining Room at Berry Bros. & Rudd for a champagne reception followed by a two-hour wine tasting session featuring a selection of premium Old World and New World wines.

Tokyo 2020: A View from the IOC

30th November 2016. The Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) John Coates, who was visiting Tokyo in his role of supervising the planning and execution of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, spoke to members and guests at an exclusive event organised by the ACCJ and co-hosted by the BCCJ.

The Ikumen Project

25th November 2016. Members and guests attended the latest BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion session, led by Dr. Florian Kohlbacher of The Economist, to gain insights into the situation for working fathers in Japan, the rise of the concept of 'ikumen', and the benefits reaped by companies with 'ikubosses' leading by example.


Farewell, Ambassador Hitchens!

16th November 2016. UK Ambassador to Japan since 2012, Timothy Hitchens CMG LVO, will finish his four-year term in December. BCCJ members gathered for lunch at the Grand Hyatt on November 16 to bid him a fond farewell and wish him all the best for his future role.


2016 British Business Awards

11th November 2016. The ninth BBA, held at the Hilton Hotel Tokyo, attracted 28 nominations for the six awards. Nominees came from global corporations, SMEs, not-for-profit organisations, and entrepreneurs across a number of traditional and modern industries, as well as from the public sector. The BCCJ welcomed almost 300 guests - the largest event in the not-for-profit organisation's year.


The Business of Rugby

11th October 2016. The CEO of World Rugby, Brett Gosper spoke to BCCJ members and guests on various topics ranging from the evolution of rugby to the business of sport in the modern era to Japan's plan for the Rugby World Cup (RWC) in 2019.


The Potential of Difference

6th October 2016. BCCJ members and guests participated in an interactiveToolbox event, to learn how to harness the potential of difference, while limiting conflict and stress in the workplace. Intercultural communication experts led the session, motivating attendees to make the most of difference.


Press Freedom in Japan - The Challenges

5th October 2016. With press freedom enshrined in the Constitution, to what extent are journalists in Japan really fettered by the government? Put another way, to what extent can you believe what you read in the Japanese press? BCCJ members found out at a panel discussion at the Conrad Tokyo.


The BCCJ Welcomes David Beckham to Japan

30th September 2016. The BCCJ and children from the British School in Tokyo were delighted to welcome UK football legend David Beckham to Tokyo to support youth sports programmes in Japan.


2016 Night with the Irish

29th September 2016. BCCJ members and guests enjoyed an evening of socialising, fun, and networking with the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce at the annual 'Night with the Irish'.


Brexit: A View from London

28th September 2016. At a members-only event, BCCJ members gathered at the ANA InterContinental at a round-table to hear Alok Sharma MP, Minister for Asia and the Pacific, provide an update on the effects that Brexit has had on the government and the UK so far, and to discuss the questions and views of BCCJ members operating in Japan's post-Brexit landscape.


Community Hub: Responsible Business

16th September 2016. On 15 September 2016, BCCJ members and guests joined our third annual Community Hub evening to learn from, celebrate and support great partnerships between BCCJ member firms and community organisations.


Inside My Company: A converstation with Taavet Hinrikus (Transferwise)

8th September 2016. After lunch and networking in the relaxed setting of the Conway Room of the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, Taavet Hinrikus opened the event by revealing to his audience the inspiration behind his business, TransferWise.


Global Sporting Events: Stadia & Arena

27th July 2016. At a lunch event, Neil Levett, Managing Director of Alad Ltd., and organiser of the annual Stadia & Arena (S&A) conference, shared his views with BCCJ members on groundbreaking changes, funding approaches, global standards, vendor compliance, and customer expectations of venue management in Japan.


Lord Mayor on the future prospects of the City of London

14th July 2016. The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Jeffrey Mountevans, addressed BCCJ members and guests at a fully-booked breakfast session at the Shangri La Hotel, speaking on the future of London as the financial centre of the world, and the continued importance of the British-Japanese business relationship.


Brexit: short-term risks and long term opportunities for the UK and Japan

8th July 2016. A cross-section of BCCJ Corporate Plus member firms discussed in a round-table format the short-term risks and long-term opportunities associated with the UK's historic EU referendum.


Joint Chamber Summer Reception 2016

23rd June 2016. Members of the BCCJ and several other Chambers of Commerce gathered for a relaxed and friendly members-only reception, the ever popular event held at the Canadian Embassy.


The EU Referendum: views from the C-suite

14th June 2016. BCCJ members and guests gathered at The Peninsula Tokyo in the prestigious business district of Marunouchi to hear a panel of senior executives representing UK industry reflect upon the position of the UK as a member of the EU and examine the industry arguments for ("Bremain") and against ("Brexit") continued EU membership.


Small is GREAT: The Digital Nomad

7th June 2016. Small is GREAT (SiG) speaker, Helen Iwata, President of Sasuga! Communications K. K., shared her experience of launching her own business, highlighting the huge potential of digital marketing tools.


51 Night at BeBu by Andaz

24th May 2016. BCCJ members and guests gathered at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, where they enjoyed an evening of informal networking in the stylish, casual ambience of Andaz' BeBu Bar.


BCCJ Golf Day 2016: Swing in Spring

22nd May 2016. BCCJ members and guests met for an active day of golf at Gold Tochigi President's Country Club, organised by the BCCJ Golf Taskforce.


BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2016

27th April 2016. The new BCCJ Executive Committee and President were elected at the AGM in April, which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo. An address was given by HM Ambassador to Japan, Tim Hitchens CMG, LVO, and followed by a cocktail party and buffet for all attendees.


Rugby World Cup - Breaking New Boundaries

22nd April 2016. As part of the Global Sporting Events programme the BCCJ hosted a breakfast session in association with the ANZCCJ at the Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo, with Murray Barnett, World Rugby’s Head of Commercial, Marketing and Broadcast, speaking about the exciting opportunities the Rugby World Cup can bring to a host country and the sport itself.


Great European Disaster?

12th April 2016. BCCJ members and guests gathered at the Tokyo American Club for a breakfast session to hear Bill Emmott, independent writer and consultant on international affairs, speak about  Europe's multiple crises and what's at stake in Britain's EU referendum.


Is Abenomics Dead?

5th April 2016. At a fully-booked breakfast session, William Sposato, writer and media adviser, former Deputy Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, and Editor (South Asia) for Thomson Reuters, spoke to an audience of BCCJ members and guests on the hot topic, "Is Abenomics Dead?"


2020 Vision: Open for Business with Governor Masuzoe

29th March 2016. Over lunch at a joint BCCJ-EU Chambers of Commerce event, the head of the world's largest city, Tokyo Governor Masuzoe, shared his ambitions for making Tokyo a vibrant business and investment hub on the road to 2020 and beyond.


The Paralympics in Japan: An Agent of Change

25th March 2016. The BCCJ event, "What about the Paralympics?" shared the challenges, inspiration and energy of Paralympic athletes in Japan.What actions need to be taken in Japan to take the momentum from the UK Paralympics to the next level and beyond? How can mindsets be changed? How can Japanese and British companies support the agenda?


Corporate Governance Code in Japan

23rd March 2016. At a joint event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) on 23 March 2016, Lady Barbara Judge spoke to members about the development of Corporate Governance Code in the US, UK, and Japan.


BCCJ Launches Global Sporting Events Champions Network

16th March 2016. At an invitation-only roundtable supported by the British Embassy, the BCCJ and its Global Sporting Champions cemented their commitment to collaborating closely as "one team", bringing together GSE knowledge from public organisations, NPOs, membership organisations, UK-based trade bodies, media, and individual advocates. 


Diversity and Mindset - Everyone is Responsible

29th February 2016. Learnings from the latest BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion event featuring Google Japan and BT Japan provide new insights into the importance of diversity and flexible working practices for the future growth and sustainability of the Japanese economy.


Rugby World Cup - Opportunities and Challenges for Japan

25th February 2016. At a BCCJ breakfast session on 25 February 2016, Neil Snowball, Chief Operating Officer for England Rugby 2015, Head of Sport Operations at the 2012 London Olympics, shared his experiences from the Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2015 and spoke to BCCJ members and guests about the impact a large-scale global sporting event can have on local communities.


Progress at Fukushima Dai-ichi

3rd February 2016. At the members-only BCCJ lunchtime seminar, "Progress at Fukushima Dai-ichi", Dr. Keith Franklin, First Secretary (Nuclear), British Embassy Tokyo, provided an overview of the current state of decommissioning at Fukushima Dai-ichi and explained how the UK is supporting the progress.


Team GB 2020 Partnership Opportunities

28th January 2016. UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) hosted a briefing at the British Embassy for BCCJ members at which Bill Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer of the British Olympic Association (BOA), shared insights into the BOA, Team GB, and the partnership and sponsorship opportunities that exist as a partner of Team GB for Tokyo 2020.


Small is GREAT VIII - The Secret to Business Success in Japan

28th January 2016. BCCJ entrepreneur members heard Paul Christie, CEO of Walk Japan, share his experiences of building up a firm in Japan over 20 years, and gain insights into his alternative approach to doing business - in what is notoriously a challenging and domestic market.


BCCJ Shinnenkai (New Year's Reception) 2016

27th January 2016. BCCJ members and their guests raised a toast to the Year of the Monkey on the afternoon of January 27th 2016, when more than 65 guests gathered at the Zatta Bar of the Hilton Shinjuku Hotel. BCCJ President, David Bickle, announced the BCCJ's exciting business and social events in 2016. Read more HERE.


UKTI Briefing on China-UK-Japan relations

3rd December 2015. The UKTI team, led by Chris Heffer, hosted a briefing at the British embassy on China-UK-Japan relations involving a talk and subsequent discussion with 15 BCCJ members. Topics raised included the UK's approach to China, the situation in the South/East China Sea, the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), the strategic partnership with Japan, and the impact of media images on the public.

Read more HERE.


Annual European Joint Networking Party

26 November 2015.  Fellow Europeans and guests caught up with friends and business partners to celebrate the end of 2015. 

Attracting a crowd of more than 200 guests every year, this is one of the must-attend events for networking with business people from all over Europe.


Achieving diversity and inclusion in the workplace

26 November 2015. GSK Senior VP, Claire Thomas, spoke to BCCJ members, encouraging them to take action. She named three core areas in which concrete steps have been taken at GSK, resulting in the successful and rapid advance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce:

Gender, Volunteering, Disability



Walk For Smiles Tour - Charity Walk through Edo Japan. 

21st November 2015. The informative and enjoyable charity walk raised JPY140,000 for charity. 

"We visited some of Tokyo's greatest historical sites, learned how Edo evolved, and how it developed from a samurai stronghold to a modern city".


2015 British Business Awards

13th November 2015. Guests gathered at the Palace Hotel to experience the largest British Business Awards the BCCJ has ever hosted. British innovation, entrepreneurship, business success and social contributions in Japan were recognised and winners celebrated.

Congratulations to 2015 British Business Awards winners!


Rolls Royce in Japan

5th November 2015. At a breakfast roundtable hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ), Rolls-Royce's global chairman, Ian Davis, spoke with BCCJ Platinum and Corporate Plus members about the firm's long-standing operations in the Japan market. The group also discussed the potential for SMEs to drive UK-Japan business, and the power of collaboration between companies to boost trade relations.

Business in Asia: "Japan is the place to be" says Rolls Royce Chairman

Rolls Royce 

Who will win the 21st Century - the continents in competition (Chris Patten)

20th October 2015. At a fully booked breakfast session, Lord Chris Patten of Barnes addressed an audience of BCCJ members and guests on the makings of a successful country in the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

Lord Patten: There is no road – the road is made by walking


Olympic Lessons Learned with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

15th October 2015. The Mayor of London spoke about London's experience of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

Mayor of London says 2020 "Olymposceptics" will be proved wrong


Community Hub 2015 - Powered by PechaKucha

15th October 2015. Guests listened to the touching presentations of six non-profits making a positive impact in East Asian communities and elsewhere

Bridges built at second annual BCCJ Community Hub night


Volunteers, Community and Legacy - How 2020 can change Japan

29th September 2015. Members and guests listened to the wisdom and advice of a London 2012 Olympics Organizer, Rowan Conway od the London Development Agency.

Legacy should be at the heart of Tokyo 2020


City for the Ages: Governor Yoichi Masuzoe on the Magnetism of Tokyo

24th September 2015. Governor Yoichi expresses his sentiments on the vital role the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will play in developing Tokyo into an even more desirable place to reside.

Governor Masuzoe: How the Olympics can change Tokyo

Lunch with Robert Walters

15th September 2015. Guests listened to Robert Walters, founder of the consultancy company in his own name. 

Robert Walters: From start-up to global brand


Night with the Irish 2015

10th September 2015. Guests were treated with a wide array of traditional Irish foods, drinks and treats as they networked at the residence of the Irish Ambassador.

Night with the Irish 2015


Womenomics at a crossroads - the UK & Japan

10th September 2015. Men and women alike gathered together to hear about the issues facing Japn in terms of women in the workplace.

Womenomics at a crossroads Japan


Great British Garden Party

23rd July 2015. Guests celebrated UK-Japan relations at a rooftop garden party at the Andaz Tokyo.

Great British Garden Party: the 'growing' of relations



Urban Regeneration: Sustaining the Legacy of the 2012 Games

3rd July 2015. Sir Edward Lister, London's Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, spoke to BCCJ members about the city's regeneration following London 2012 at a lunch event at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Sir Edward Lister: Olympic price tag is reasonable


Breakfast with the Scottish Government

30th June 2015. Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs in the Scottish Parliament, outlined Scotland's ambitions at a BCCJ breakfast.

Scotland: creating opportunities for all to flourish


Lunch with Peter Tasker

23rd June 2015. Peter Tasker, writer, speaker, and most notably, a finance guru, delivered some good news to BCCJ members on the economic climate of Japan:  “Japan is in amazing condition economically”.

Japan: It's All Good


Generation Gap Japan

16th June 2015. BCCJ members heard from panellists Karyn Twaronite, from EY and Ken Takai, from Hays Japan. Suzanne Price of Price Global moderated the breakfast discussion.

Gen Y: the need for flexibility


Destination Japan

9th June 2015. Japan is riding a wave of inbound tourism. BCCJ members heard from  Ryoichi Matsuyama, President of the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) on Japan's tourism strategy.

Japan on the road to 20 million visitors


Emotional Agility

4th June. BCCJ members were joined by members of the ACCJ for an interactive workshop with Stewart Desson, founder of UK-based learning and development company, Lumina Learning.

Emotional Agility - survival of the fittest


51 Night at MIXX

28th May 2015. More than 50 BCCJ members and guests enjoyed a night of socialising and networking at MIXX (at the ANA InterContinental Hotel).

BCCJ members enjoy 51 Night at MIXX


Balancing the Books

27th May 2015. BCCJ members heard from Tom Jackson, 1st Secretary for Economics and Trade Policy at the British Embassy Tokyo at an informal Brown Bag Lunch at Regus Japan.

Is Abenomics Working?


Golf Day in Tochigi

18th April 2015. BCCJ members and guests enjoyed a golf tournament at Gold     Tochigi President's Country Club. The event, on a Jack Nicklaus designed course, was organised by the BCCJ Golf Taskforce and sponsored by The Fry Group.

Golf Day in Tochigi



Medical devices to modern art: Inside the Japanese boardroom 

15th April 2015.
 Koji Nakao, chairman of medical devices giant Terumo, explained his work with Art Base Momoshima - a contemporary art project on an island in the Inland Sea - at a BCCJ luncheon.

Medical devices to modern art on a remote Japanese island


HR and The Olympics - Meeting the Workforce Challenge

13th April 2015. Jean Tomlin OBE shared her experience of running the HR operation for London 2012 with BCCJ members and invited guests at a seminar at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Tokyo 2020's HR Challenge


Great International Chamber Wine-off

1st April 2015. BCCJ members joined guests from several other Chambers at the Roppongi Hills Club to sample wines from each partipating nation. 

BCCJ members join international wine evening


Tokyo 2020 and you

24th March 2015.
 Graham Davis, BCCJ Global Sporting Events lead, Brian Christian, Principal of the British School in Tokyo and Chuo Rugby Football Union's Executive Director, Hiroyuki Koyama gave updates to members on activities related to Tokyo 2020 and Rugby World Cup 2019.

Global sporting events - the story so far


Building a brand in Japan: the BrewDog Example

4th March 2015. Neil Taylor, BrewDog's head of international bars, and David Croll, CEO of BrewDog Japan, explained the firm's history and approach to the Japanese market.

"Two guys, a dog and a dream" - the BrewDog example


Building a sustainable business: the Unilever way

17th February 2015. Paul Polman, global CEO of Unilever, gave a wide-ranging and inspiring talk on how sustainable business is vital for future economic success.

"This is the end of the era of the abundance"

 Paul Polman, Unilever CEO, at BCCJ event

Lord Deighton: Leadership, governance and accountability - the Olympic challenge

17th February 2015. Lord Deighton, CEO of London 2012, explained how LOCOG handled the challenge of staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games and what Tokyo could learn.

London 2012 chief looks towards Tokyo 2020


Rugby World Cup 2019 - the plan

3rd February 2015. Koji Tokumasu, General Manager of the Japan Rugby 2019 Tournament Organiser, spoke about the current plans for the hosting of the RWC, and explained how internationalisation and improved business relations were a key legacy.

"We can put Japan's stamp on the 2019 Rugby World Cup"


Inside JR Central 

29th January 2015. BCCJ members were invited on special visit to JR Central's training centre in Mishima and were also given a behind the scenes look at the shinkansen control centre in Tokyo.

"BCCJ members see inside JR Central"


International working - student event

22nd January 2015. Students from Fukuoka's Kokura Minami Senior High School heard from the BCCJ, BT Japan and Jeremy Sanderson on working and studying internationally.

Kyushu students learn from BCCJ member companies


BCCJ Shinnenkai 2015

22nd January 2015. BCCJ members and guests toasted the new year at the French Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

BCCJ members toast 2015


Japan 2014

20th January 2015. Economic writer and keen Japan observer William Sposato outlined what 2015 could have in store for Japan's prosperity.

"Japan's Future Lies in the Hands of Robots, Women and Foreigners"


Small is Great VII - If I can do it, anyone can!

27th November 2015. Jeremy Sanderson, who is CEO of five companies (two of which he founded), shared his experiences and advice in an engaging, inspirational and informative talk

"Inspiration and insight for budding entrepreneurs"


Inside the Olympus Scandal 

31st October 2014. Michael Woodford, former Olympus CEO, shared the early days of his blowing the whistle on the Olympus scandal - an accounting fraud approaching $2bn.

Inside the Olympus Scandal with Michael Woodford MBE


Global Business - the view from the Japanese boardroom

10th October 2014. Ken Osuga, chief financial officer at Konica Minolta shared insights from his experience of leading the company in Europe.

Konica Minolta: The view from inside a Japanese boardroom


BCCJ Community Hub powered by PechaKucha

9th October 2014. The inaugral BCCJ Community Hub event saw seven NPOs in the BCCJ's eco-system introduce themselves using PechaKucha's fast-paced format.

Guests attend inaugral BCCJ Community Hub night


Ahead of the game - making global sporting events work for your business

26th September 2014. VisitBritain global chairman Christopher Rodrigues CBE spoke about how Japan can maximise its 2020 legacy and signed a tourism MOU with the Japan National Tourism Organisation.

"UK to support Japan in delivering lasting legacy from 2020 Games"


Night with the Irish

25th September 2014. BCCJ members and guests joined the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Japan at the Irish Ambassador's Residence for networking and drinks.

Guests enjoy BCCJ/IJCC Night with the Irish


Women and Womenomics

19th September 2014. As part of the Japanese government's Shine Weeks initiative, aimed at boosting the number of women in the workplace, the BCCJ hosted a discussion session with female leaders and young women about to enter the workforce. 

What do we really want? Women and Womenonmics


Growing a marketing business in Japan

17th September 2014. Marketing expert James Hollow, President of Lowe Profero Japan, shared his insights on the particular challenges Japan poses to advertisers and marketers. 

Digital trends forcing change in the Japan ad market



13th September 2014. BCCJ members and guests enjoyed a Golf Day in Chiba. The players took part in a Japan vs Rest of the World tournament at the Brick and Wood golf course.

BCCJ members and guests enjoy Golf Day


The Challenge for News

11th September 2014. Reuters Institute experts Dr David Levy and Nic Newman discussed the changing face of news in the digital age and compared Japan's trends with those of other nations.

Social media and cultural habits pose major challenge for news outlets


A Midsummer Night's Dream

24th July 2014. More than 200 BCCJ members and guests from Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan British Soceity, VisitBritain and RSA JFN celebrated Shakespeare's 450th birthday at cocktail party complete with Elizabethan-inspired buffet at the Conrad Tokyo. 

More than 200 guests celebrate 450 years of Shakespeare


Inside Abenomics

8th July 2014. The LDP's Keisuke Suzuki, one of the youngest politicians in the House of Representatives, explained the thinking behind the ruling party's economic strategies.

"Japan could take more risks says LDP at BCCJ lunch"


Agents of Change - the Olympic example

17th June 2014. LOCOG director Sue Hunt spoke on the London 2012 procurement process and diversity programme ahead of a panel discussion with business leaders on workplace inclusion.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics: opportunity to improve diversity


The challenge of Generation Y and beyond

10th June 2014. BST Principal Brian Christian explained the importance of age diversity in the workplace and how Generation Y's love of feedback and change could be utilised by employers.

Employers should "encourage and embrace" Gen Y - in Japan and globally


Branding Japan: the Olympic opportunity

5th June 2014. VisitBritain media head Paul Gauger outlined how the UK maximized the tourism benefits of hosting the London 2012 Games and what challenges await Japan in the run up to Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo 2020: An opportunity for Japan to "tell its story"