Past Events

Summaries of recent BCCJ events are published in our news section and here below.








Diversity in Rugby (Rugby Alliance Event II)

March 26th 2019

The second event hosted by the Rugby Alliance, a coalition of 8 national foreign Chambers in Japan. Esteemed guests came to offer their perspectives and answer questions concerning the major strides in gender diversity that have recently been made in rugby, and what still needs to be done for the Rugby World Cup 2019 and beyond. 

AI Under the Hood: turning water into gold

March 12th 2019

We were joined by Darren Cook in an interactive presentation where he talked about the impact of AI and data on the entire world and the implications that the advancement of this technology has on the future.


International Women's Day 2019: Balance for Better

March 8th 2019

Across the world, companies and organisations are striving to achieve gender balance. Initiatives such as the 30% Club, He For She, and the W20 have begun to produce results in the public and private sectors. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, even gender-balanced sports coverage . . . 


What is YOUR ideal Society 5.0

22nd February 2019

Society 5.0 is an initiative led by the Japanese public and private sectors, as well as one of the key pillars of the upcoming G20 (June) and B20 (March) to be held in Osaka this year. The “human-centric” feature of Society 5.0, which capitalises on demographic issues in Japan (i.e. ageing population) and on unique Japanese technological capabilities (i.e. robotics), has been well received overseas. Yet, few Japanese are familiar with this exciting initiative.


Building a Sustainable Workplace

20th February 2019

We were joined by Aragon St-Charles of Hogan Lovells, Tove Kinooka of Global Perspectives, and Heather McLeish of EY Japan who lead the discussion of how to create a more sustainable workplace from their unique perspectives. This was an extremely informative session, where we identified challenges and found solutions together, creating concrete plans to work towards our goals.


The W20 and Knowledge Partnerships

19th February 2019

The W20 is an official engagement group that proposes policy recommendations related to women, to the G20. In 2019, the W20 summit will take place in Japan on March 23 and 24. Ahead of this global conference, Haruno Yoshida, co-chair of this year's W20 spoke about her ideas and goals for the summit. Can you support the W20 leadership shape a meaningful agenda for this year and beyond? 

Lunch with the 2019 Lord Mayor of London

15th February 2019

The Lord Mayor is visiting Japan to enhance collaboration in the areas of Asset Management, Fintech and Green Finance, and is actively seeking opportunities to work more closely with Japanese firms in these areas. 

Green Finance - Where we are, and why it all matters

14th February 2019

Ted Roosevelt IV, Managing Director in Banking and great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, has a long history of engagement in sustainability and environmentalism. He talked about how Barclays has been shaping the green bond market, using securities to fund climate-friendly investments, and what other businesses could do to help.

Small is GREAT XIV: The Unintentional Salaryman

7th February 2019

So how does an entrepreneur get onto the radar of a house-hold name in the English language learning sector? How do you begin to negotiate selling your baby? What keeps you motivated to succeed through business cycles and transitions? And at the end of the day, has the against-the-tide journey from entrepreneur to full-time employee all been worth it?

The UK's Image Before and After Brexit part II

1st February 2019

Two and a halfyears on from the referendum, how attractive is the UK for business, education, and for tourism in the eyes of Japan's young people? How are the Brexit negotiations affecting the UK's image?

2019 Global Forecast

30th January 2019

To make sense out of geo-political and economic issues coming in 2019 - Florian Kohlbacher, Director for The Economist Intelligence Unit, Japan and Korea, led a lunchtime talk followed by an arm-chair discussion in order to provide some context to the coming year.

UK-Japan 21st Century Education Roundtable

22nd January 2019

Japan is on the cusp of delivering two 'mega years' in 2019 and 2020. At our roundtable event on January 22, BCCJ members in the Education industry engaged in discourse on the subsequent opportunities arising for their sector - due not least to the forthcoming Rugby World Cup 2019, the G20, the UK-Japan Season of Culture, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

BCCJ Shinnenkai (New Year Party) 2019

17th January 2019

This year’s party was hosted in the elegant surroundings of the Palazzo Ducale Azabu - a little-known venue with big impact, nestled in the heart of Tokyo. Here we also revealed our plans for BCCJ 5.0!

Joint Chamber Bonenkai

11th December 2018.

The 25th annual Bonenkai event hosted by the different international business chambers in Japan.

Mini Masterclass: LinkedIn

4th December 2018.
With over 600 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. But when people think of the platform, they tend to only see one tiny piece of the puzzle: recruiters and job seekers. So what if you aren’t looking for a job? Why would you still have a LinkedIn account? The answer is simple: LinkedIn is a goldmine for branding, sales and marketing.

Corporate Governance: Japan's Inconvenient Truth

27th November 2018. 

Corporate governance - the system by which companies are directed and controlled - has been cited as a key pillar of Prime Minister Abe's 'Abenomics' programme. Since changes in 2015 to the Corporate Governance Code, reforms in Japan have been progressing slowly but surely.


Work-style Innovation: Rhetoric vs Reality

21st November 2018.  Much has been made of the Japanese Government's attempt to drive 'Work-style Innovation". Faced with a decreasing population, ageing society and declining birthrate, the Abe administration has devised measures to revise the nation's labour regulations and improve productivity.


British Business Awards 2018

2nd November 2018. The British Business Awards (BBA) gala recognise excellence and promote success and innovation across all industries. The awards also acclaim the important social contributions made by organisations through their commitment to community, diversity and inclusion, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability. Company of the year for 2018 went to AstraZeneca. 



A Diverse and Inclusive Tale of Two Cities (with Gov Koike and CEO of Lloyds of London)

10th October 2018. On October 10, Governor Koike addressed members and guests of the BCCJ on her progress in having Tokyo operate as a Smart City - which rest on pillars such as "Diversity" and "Safety" - and discussed with Dame Inga Beale of Lloyds what the future between UK and Japan could look like.



Tokyo Disaster: Get prepared

4rd October 2018.After a string of extreme happenings in Japan this year - including earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, and a record-breaking heat wave - the BCCJ  deliverd an event that  provided you with the lastest information on disaster forecasting and preparedness, in English.

Small is GREAT-Organic Growth 

26th September 2018. Duco Delgorge explained his transition from head of a company to entrepreneur, and gave pointers on what anyone who has similar thoughts might want to consider before making such a move.


 Rugby world cup-One year to go

20th September 2018.With only one year until the Rugby World Cup 2019, eight foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan have formally announced the creation of a coalition, The Rugby Alliance.



Women in leadership

14th September 2018. Helen Woods, managing director of international services provider Equiom Solutions, held an interactive roundtable with BCCJ members on the topic of “Women in Leadership.” Visiting Tokyo on a tour of the firm’s Asia offices, Woods drew on her 25-year background in the tax planning industry and experience of managing Equiom’s global team of tax professionals to start a conversation on career development, management skills and work-life balance for women.  


Cyber AI

11th September 2018. More than 60 BCCJ members gathered for breakfast to hear experts from BCCJ member firms Barclays and Darktrace share their thoughts on developments in cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI).


The current state of ahhairs, with Liam Fox

1rd Aughst 2018. we had an excellent opportunity for members to once again hear directly from a man very much at the centre of Government and Theresa May's cabinet.


Great British Beer Garden

20th July 2018. Celebrate - and commiserate about - the arrival of summer in Japan, at the Great British Beer Garden!

The 7 Deadly sins of Selling in Japan

18th July 2018. Salespeople are fundamental to the success of any business but are not being trained sufficiently to do their jobs, according to Dr Greg Story, who spoke at a BCCJ event on 18 July.

UK Gov. Response to Disaster in Japan

17th July 2018.Representatives from the British Embassy, Tokyo led a BCCJ event on 17 July to give members an insight into how the UK government might respond to a disaster in Japan.



GDPR-How does it affect your business in Japan

13th July 2018.  The new EU data privacy regulation's long arm reaches you nonetheless!




Lunch with Lord Mayor of London

7th October 2018. While visiting Japan in his role as international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector, Lord Mayor of the City of London Charles Bowman joined a BCCJ luncheon in July.


21st Century Solutions - D&I in 2018


3rd July 2018. Panel Discussion about women in the workplace featuring the Mayor of Yokohama- Fumiko Hayashi, SDI member- Fiona Hyslop, and Founder of eWomen- Kaori Sasaki.

BBCJ Cup - Annual Golf Day 2018


24th June 2018. BCCJ members and guests participated in the annual BCCJ golf tournament for an active day at Gold Tochigi President's Country Club, organised by the BCCJ Golf Taskforce. 

The UK's Image Before And After Brexit


20th June 2018. A Major Study Of The UK's Image Before And After The Brexit Referendum. 

51 Night at Bebu


16th June 2018. Social night at Anzu Bebu for BCCJ members. 

What keeps you awake at night? Business risks workshop

14th June 2018
. Discussing how business risks can be managed.


Diversity Drill Down Hackathon

30th May 2018. Sharing ideas for creating diversity & inclusivity in the work place.


Royal Wedding Viewing Party

19th May 2018. Celebrated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding at Conrad Tokyo.


Rugby Scrum Hackathon

18th May 2018. A diverse mix of BCCJ members, Japanese stakeholders and Chamber partners.


BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2018

26th April 2018. The result of the 2018-2019 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) election was announced to BCCJ members at Conrad Hotel Tokyo.


Small is GREAT XII: The foundation for a happy life

19th April 2018. Welcomed Rina Bovrisse, fashion executive, gender equality activist and successful entrepreneur for our 12th “Small is Great” event.


One year to go: the UK view on progress towards Brexit

18th April 2018. Rhys Bowen came to discuss the details on progress in the negotiations between the UK and the EU. He gave insightful information regarding the Brexit developments and what to expect over the next 12 months.