Volunteering Tokyo 2020 & 2019 Rugby World Cup

Upcoming Sports Events in Tokyo

Historic games are visiting Japan in the upcoming years! The 2019 Rugby Tournament is coming to Tokyo next summer through autumn to highlight the best of global rugby talent. If you wish to learn more about the opportunities, a link is provided below to contact the Official Supporters Club for the Rugby World Cup. The beloved global Olympic and Paralympic games are coming to Tokyo in the summer of 2020. To join the volunteer efforts, give their volunteer strategy a read to learn how to join Japan's olympic volunteer network. 

Tokyo Olympics 2020
 - The Tokyo 2020 team have released their volunteer strategy which can be found HERE. Please give it a read if interested in joining the Olympic efforts!

Update: The application process for volunteers ended on December 21, 2018, and new applications are no longer accepted.

Rugby World Cup
 - Statement on their website: 
"Applications for volunteers are not currently accepted. Details on the recruitment of volunteers will be provided on this site and on the official site of Rugby World Cup 2019™, as well as through email newsletters of the Official Supporters Club for Rugby World Cup 2019™, as soon as they are decided."

Contact form HERE

Update: The application process for volunteers has ended and new applications are no longer accepted. More information can be found on their website HERE.

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