Connecting industry with education, and developing the talent pool in Japan, are ongoing endeavours at the BCCJ. Our internship programme brings new ideas and energy to our organisation, member firms and young people alike. 


The BCCJ works closely with two partner institutions to deliver our internship programme:

  • Temple University: Since September 2011, the BCCJ has worked with Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), the oldest and largest foreign university in Japan, to offer interships in return for academic credit. The BCCJ-Temple Internship cycles run from Jan-April, April-July, Sep-Dec. The internship involves 140 hours per semester.
  • Showa Women's University: Since September 2015, we have worked with SWU to offer internships throughout the academic year. 

We also offer 8-12 week internships for students spending a semester abroad in Japan (e.g. from the University of St Andrews, University of Oxford, University of Sheffield, University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh). Anyone applying for an internship must have a valid visa and a registered address in Tokyo.

What our interns say:

Terrell Nowlin, Temple University, 2015

"I worked at the British Chamber of Commerce from September to December 2015. Coming from the east coast of the United Statesthere was a lot for me to learn about the United Kingdom besides what I'd heard about Harry Potter, quilts, and David Cameron!

After my first day at the office I knew more than the average American about the UK (you don't eat "cookies" with your tea, but "biscuits"), and after my first week, at least more than a large majority of Americans! Working together with a small and diverse team, I learned about different marketing methods, data management, and creating website content, but also gained insights into Japanese and British culture, politics, sports, and daily life. This happened either at the office or at one of the many interesting events hosted by the BCCJ such as the British Business Awards where I was responsible for the slideshow and sound effects, a Community Hub event where I learned about the many international charitable organisations doing good in Japan, or at a street rugby event bringing people together from all over the world to compete in friendly matches in the run up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. I hope to continue learning about Japan-UK relations when I return to college in the States this winter."

Rachel Covington, Temple University, 2015

"My tasks could be anything from sending out email invitations, updating the BCCJ Flickr site, acting as the photographer for BCCJ events and filming promotion videos. I got to learn a lot about what goes on behind the scenes when creating and running an event such as the British Business Awards. I also saw what is involved when a UK company enters the Japan market and it was interesting to see the way business is done in a different cultural setting. Working at the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan was great and I'm confident that the work experience will help me in my future career."


If you are keen to gain work experience at the BCCJ, though do not fit into one of the categories above, you are welcome to apply as a volunteer - working on specific BCCJ events and activities, on a per project basis. 


Other media

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Other Internship Programmes (Non-BCCJ)

Vulcanus in Japan is an internship programme for engineers and science majors from the EU. The scheme is run by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and includes four months intensive language training followed by an industrial placement.

Internship in Japan offers internships to overseas interns via a paid for programme. Please note the BCCJ does not have any affiliation with Internship in Japan.

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