If you or your company would like to hire a translator or interpreter in Japan, our recommendation is Honyaku Plus. Honyaku Plus can assist translating from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. The professional translators can translate documents, legal or medical translations, and any real-time language translation. Learn more at the Honyaku Plus site below.

Honyaku Plus.

Honyaku Plus is a Tokyo-based translation agency owned and operated by Paul Flint and Phil Robertson. Honyaku Plus was established in 2003 and ever since has been providing high-quality translations for a variety of different documents. 

A customer testimonial:
"Honyaku Plus have been translating academic papers on international relations, defense, economics, and the environment from Japanese into English for our biannual journal. The translations that they produce are unfailingly of the highest quality in terms of both accuracy and style. In short, the translations read as well as original English-language academic material."

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