Member Benefits

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan delivers a high-value events programme, productive networking and promotional opportunities, valuable information services, and access to influential individuals and institutions. We welcome members of all nationalities. Please see below for Japanese text. 

Members can enjoy specific benefits according to membership category (here is a table detailing these benefits).

In addition there are many other reasons to join the BCCJ.


Join an organisation with a 70-year history of bringing the right people together

  • Network at senior level with UK, Japanese organisations and individuals
  • Connect with an established network of more than 900 members (approximately 200 businesses)
  • Build valuable and long-lasting relationships with potential partners and clients
  • Strengthen credibility and share and exchange experiences and practices
  • Socialise with other BCCJ members at informal 51 Nights (60-80 attendees from a broad range of industries), and with members from other Chambers of Commerce
  • Access the BCCJ online member directory listing contact details for all members


The BCCJ has strong working relationships with business leaders, officials and diplomats

  • The British Embassy Tokyo and key policy makers in Japan
  • Visiting dignitaries from business, government, political, and also royal circles
  • The European Business Council, the most influential networking and advocacy organisation for European in Japan.
  • CareerEngine job board , as an employer and / or candidate


The BCCJ hosts 40+ events throughout the year, including panel discussions on current issues as well as breakfasts and lunches with distinguished guest speakers from business and government

  • Engage with thought leaders, and influence decision makers through Quarterly Question Times and Brown Bag Lunches
  • Learn from experienced CEOs, senior managers and successful entrepreneurs at our Inside My Company and Small is Great events
  • Gain insight into how workplaces can implement sustainable changes to boost inclusion at our Diversity and Inclusion sessions
  • Stay informed about Economic policy and contribute to the debate on a range of business issues 


The BCCJ has nine communication channels to keep you updated; members can utilise the BCCJ website and newsletter to circulate their news

  • New Member Welcome on the BCCJ homepage, circulated on BCCJ-owned channels
  • Unique log in to access the BCCJ website and customisable, member-only pages and receive weekly e-newsletter
  • List events in e-newsletter or feature member news on our website
  • Access to offers and special benefits from other member companies through the BCCJ website
  • Introductions to other members and non-member enquirers looking for business contacts
  • Potential opportunities to speak at BCCJ events
  • Qualify for reduced advertising rates in BCCJ ACUMEN and promotional opportunities at BCCJ events
  • Participate in the annual British Business Awards (BBA), which showcase the best of UK business and culture in the Japanese market


The BCCJ currently supports young people leaving care into education and employment through our work with NPO Bridge for Smiles. We also support initiatives in Tohoku and are committed to promoting diversity.

  • "Books For Smiles" a custom-designed corporate social responsibility programme for BCCJ members ("CSR in a box")
  • BCCJ Back to Business (B2B) Initiative for Tohoku
  • Diversity programme

Find out about Membership Categories and how to join  HERE








  • 英国および日本の組織や個人とのシニアレベルでの交流
  • 900以上のメンバー(約200事業者)の確立したネットワークとの繋がり
  • 潜在的なパートナーや顧客と貴重で長期的な関係を構築
  • 信頼を高め、経験と実践を共有し交換
  • 他のBCCJメンバーや他の商工会議所のメンバーと、非公式な51Nights (幅広い業種から60〜80の出席者)で交流





  • 東京の駐日英国大使館と日本の主要な政策立案者
  • ビジネス、政府、政治、王室からの要人を訪問
  • 駐日の欧州企業や個人にとって最も影響力のある交流、権利擁護団体である、欧州ビジネス協会
  • 雇用主または求職者が利用するCareerEngine求人・求職掲示板


プロフェッショナル開発 & 世論のリーダーシップ


  • Quarterly Question TimesやBrown Bag Lunchesを通じて、オピニオンリーダーと関わり、意思決定者に影響を与えることができます
  • Inside My CompanyやSmall is Greatのイベントにて、経験豊富な経営者、シニアマネージャー、成功した起業家から学ぶことができます
  • Diversity and Inclusionのセッションで、職場がインクルージョン(受容)を上げるための持続可能な変化を導入する方法についての洞察を得ることができます
  • 経済政策に関する最新情報を入手し、ビジネス上の幅広い問題に関する議論に貢献できます




  • BCCJのホームページ上のNew Member Welcome掲載(企業会員のみ)と、BCCJ所有のチャネル上での配布
  • BCCJのウェブサイトとカスタマイズ可能なメンバー限定ページにアクセスするための特別なログインと、週刊電子ニュースレターの受信
  • 電子ニュースレターでイベント情報を掲載し、ウェブサイト上でメンバーニュースを紹介
  • BCCJのウェブサイトから、他のメンバー企業からのオファーや特典へアクセス
  • ビジネスの連絡先を探して問い合わせしてきた他のメンバーや非メンバーの紹介
  • イベントで講演する潜在的チャンス
  • BCCJ ACUMENにおける広告料のディスカウントや、BCCJイベントでのプロモーション機会
  • 日本市場における英国の最高のビジネスと文化を披露する年次のブリティッシュ・ビジネス・アワード(BBA)に参加




  • BCCJメンバーのためにカスタムデザインされた、企業の社会的責任プログラム「Books For Smiles」 (「CSR in a box」)
  • BCCJの「Back to Business (B2B) Initiative for Tohoku」
  • ダイバーシティー・プログラム

入会をご希望の方、メンバーシップ・カテゴリーについての詳細をご希望の方は、こちら をご覧ください。