Member Gets Member Scheme

Did you know that all BCCJ members can take advantage of the BCCJ Member-Gets-Member (MGM) scheme?

Introduce a new member company to the Chamber and, in return, you will receive 50% of the new member's first annual membership fee.

The objective of the MGM iniatitive is to foster a wider network, to increase expertise and knowledge throughout the BCCJ ecosystem, and to boost participation at BCCJ events - for the benefit for all members. 

If you know a company that might be keen to join our vibrant and growing network of professionals and with an interest in promoting UK and Japan business relations, contact us at 



MGM - how to?

1. Identify a new BCCJ member company

2. Complete MGM leaflet (photo above), in English or Japanese

3. Submit MGM leaflet to BCCJ office, and await update

*In order to be eligible for the MGM scheme, the above process must happen before the new member has paid BCCJ membership fees. 


Member Gets Member Scheme Guidelines HERE

Member Gets Member Introduction HERE