UKTI Gives Green Light to Fund Scoping Study

Oct. 15, 2013

UKTI Gives Green Light to Fund Scoping Study

Following the BCCJ’s expression of interest in joining the UK Government’s Strengthening Overseas Business Networks (SOBN) programme, UKTI has now given approval to fund the scoping study which the BCCJ asked for as a precondition for participation.

This approval marks an indispensable first step in a lengthy process. The study will be independent and comprehensive. It will identify benefits and risks for the BCCJ and its members and for UKTI, and will ultimately determine if the BCCJ is in a position to proceed and if it should do so.

The Collaboration Initiative Task Force is now discussing with UKTI details of the terms of  funding. Assuming agreement on the terms, the wheels will be set in motion to release the funds and the Chamber will move on to the task of commissioning the study. 

So far so good!

Alison Jambert 
BCCJ President