How can winning a BBA boost your business? NOMINATE NOW!

Oct. 13, 2015

The deadline for nominations for the 2015 British Business Awards (BBA) is just around the corner (October 30, 17:00)

Each year, the BBA introduces a special category. This year (2015) we will present a trophy for Innovation.

Last year (2014) our special category was New Market Entrant. Rhino Rugby Japan won this trophy to much acclaim.

David Syrad, chairman of Rhino Rugby Japan, said: "Winning the BBA was great recognition of the effort we put into providing for our clients, and also helps people to focus on the British Japan connection."

Hear more from David and managing director Saburo Takahashi, about their win and what it meant for the business:


How to Nominate

The BBA nomination process is simple and free!

Select the category in which you wish to nominate yourself, your company, or your chosen nominee

Complete and submit a nomination form from the list below:


Nominees for awards must be one or more of the following:

  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) Member
  • UK-owned and Japan-based firm
  • Japan-based firm or individual with significant UK links

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should:

  • Cover all nomination criteria for the category concerned - included on nomination form(s)
  • Be sent in an email attachment in PDF format along with a high resolution nominated company logo to:
  • Reach the BCCJ office by the deadline of 17:00 on 30 October (Friday) 2015