Welcome: Ryozan Park

March 4, 2016

Driven by the desire to create a community in their local area, Japanese/Scottish husband-and-wife team Noritaka Takezawa and Rachel Ferguson founded Ryozan Park (RZP) in 2012. The brand was launched with a 41-room luxury share house in Sugamo in 2012, and has since expanded with designer share offices catering to more than 200 local and international professionals, one of which features a daycare facility. RZP also offers rental spaces suitable for all manner of events such as movie screenings, exhibitions, lectures, fund-raisers, exercise and dance classes, and private parties.

“We are often asked about the impetus for creating RZP: Why the emphasis on diversity? Why open a family office? Why northern Tokyo? The answer is simply that this is our life. Nori’s family has been in the area for more than a century. Naturally, we want to invigorate the place where we live and work. Since Nori and his sister both married foreigners, our family culture is a blend of Japanese, Scottish and Turkish elements. Work is an integral part of that family culture. In fact, since we are active participants live in the community we have created, we make little distinction between work and life: our office is an extension of our home; women outnumber men two to one and we take care of children and business in the same space.

"Being able to work with our children close by brings immense joy to our daily lives, so it followed that we would want to offer a similarly flexible, integrated space to others. In addition to adult-only room offices and free address desks, our RZP Otsuka features a ‘family office’ on the 7th floor, staffed by licensed childcare professionals. We aim to provide the resources and encouragement necessary for tenants to realise their personal and professional potential.

"We have attended BCCJ events over the years as visitors, and were happy to become full members in 2015. We hope to expand opportunities for learning and collaboration with BCCJ members. We look forward to seeing you at future events. 

"Get in touch to find out more about RZP, have a chat with us, or plan an event."

Ryozan Park Website: http://ryozanpark.jp/e-office/index.html
Email: info@ryozanpark.jp

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