Tokyo 2020 Business Opportunity Portal for SMEs

May 31, 2016

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government reports:

In April 2016, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) launched a portal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with business opportunities related to Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Named "Business Change Navi 2020" the site will gather and publish tender opportunities for SMEs in preparation of the 2020 Games. Modelled after a similar initiative of the London 2012 Olympic Games organizers, the portal is meant to give SMEs better access to opportunities related to the Olympics. 

The site is currently only available in Japanese, and it is not yet clear whether the information will be published in foreign languages. The portal requires a user registration, which is already possible. Both foreign and domestic companies can register, registry online is possible, although not directly. To register you must download an excel file, complete it and send it back via the page. 

The site is managed by the TMG Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center and is part of the "SME World Transmission 2020" project, together with the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tokyo Small Business Association. 

The portal can be found at

If you need assistance registering for the portal or need more information, please contact the JTPP Helpdesk.

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government


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