Fintech: Equity evaluation made easy

Dec. 7, 2016

Launched in 2011, BCCJ Small is Great (SiG) events are aimed at creating an open platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to build networks and leverage success stories in the Japan market.

On 7 December 2016, Akio Kurata, founder and CEO of EQUITY-X Inc. shared with members and guests how he left behind his corporate career in M&A to work with developers and designers in Silicon Valley and artificial intelligence experts to build his own equity valuation tool and launch EQUITY-X Inc. - now a transnational business.

Kurata opened the session by providing a breif overview of his product. Equity X Inc. is an online equity valuation tool whose software enables clients to save a significant amount of time and money by implementing the product into M&A, equity finance and/or investor relations operations. "Thanks to intelligence augmentation, it is like having your own assistant to gather and analyze financial information. You no longer have to establish a financial model from scratch."

Equity X Inc is made up of a team of bankers, designers and engineers, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research engineer. Kurata, himself from a banking background, explained the many steps and hard work it had taken to promote and set up his company. Kurata attended start-up showcasing events and funding forums in London as well as the US-Japan venture capital conference and reached out to like-minded people at VC events who believed as strongly as he that fintech was revolutionising and disrupting the financial sector.

Kurata joined the BCCJ, advertised in the Financial Times and BCCJ ACUMEN, applied for a tier 1 entrepreneur visa in the UK, and on 20 October 2016 established Equity X Inc. Kurata continues to network and promote the business in Japan, reaching out to new contacts and recently speaking at the Fintech Japan 2016 event.

The speaker then gave a full demonstration of the tool to all participants who had the chance to see first hand how the product worked. All attendees received a free one day login and password in order to trial the product at home.

BCCJ members and guests asked Kurata san questions about his inspiration for his start-up, his fundraising methods, how he pitched to potential clients, and where he sees Equity X in five years time. The speaker said he saw himself aspiring to become a fintech leader in the UK, and would then like to make full use of his network in the US followed by Singapore and South-East Asia, where tech ecosystems are are now beginning to grow.

For more information on Akio Kurata and Equity X, visit his website HERE.


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