The Benefits of Serving on a Board

Jan. 13, 2017

Have you ever considered serving on an Executive Committee? For professionals who want to make an impact with their skills and drive, there are considerable benefits to being a member of a board. 

Develop professionally
Benefit from knowledge-sharing and acquire new skills and fresh perspectives from highly accomplished peers with expertise and talent spanning diverse industries. Hone your conversational and presentation skills. Gain board room experience to better understand the organisational dynamics and etiquette of a board of directors, and sharpen your acumen.

Build valuable networks
Boards attract highly experienced people with very interesting backgrounds. Meet and collaborate with talented professionals, broaden your connections, and make key contacts for the future.

Enhance your visibility
Stand out from the crowd: the experience and boardroom credibility you gain can be a strong asset for your CV and will make a great stepping stone for the future. By working on issues that you care about, you will earn a good reputation and at the same time build awareness and gain endorsement for yourself and your organisation.

Give back
Put your talent to good use. Develop a vision that acts to serve, strengthen, and transform the entire community. By channelling your productivity into a cause that is meaningful, you will gain great personal rewards.

Join the Executive Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCCJ) in Japan

The nomination period for the BCCJ's 2017-2018 Executive Committee (Excom) and presidential elections will open in February 2017.

The BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) determines the purpose and overall goals of the BCCJ and sets a framework for their implementation and achievement. The Excom consists of a minimum of twelve (12) and a maximum of fifteen (15) members. In addition, there are two ex-officio members, representing the British Embassy and the British Council plus the BCCJ Executive Director.

The Excom seeks an appropriate balance of members of the business community with specific skills and experiences that will benefit the BCCJ and its membership at large. Excom members serve for a one-year term (April to March).

Find out more about the current BCCJ Excom members HERE and about their roles HERE

If you are interested in nominating for a BCCJ Excom position, let us know at


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