Japan in the News Mar 3 - 9

March 9, 2017

The latest developments in the Japanese news

Long road ahead to achieve gender equality in Japanese politics

Japan's consumer prices rise 0.1% in January

Japan 'iDeCo' pension plan participants surge 3.2-fold in Jan.

Central European nations present plan for stronger EU

Japan's Jan. core consumer prices mark 1st rise in 13 months

Japan's jobless rate falls to 3.0% in Jan., consumption weak

MUFG to open up banking systems to app developers

2020 Olympic food suppliers lack necessary food safety certification

LDP passes rule change that could see Abe remain PM until 2021

Japan remains cautious on UN nuclear ban talks

Japanese IT firms offer more childcare support

Foreign tourists top 70 million

TSE to apply AI to market surveillance

Software beats poker pros

Tokyo Olympics to bring 32 tril. yen economic benefit: gov't estimate

Key Asia trade talks on alternative to TPP end, no major deal struck

EU awaits 'solid outline' of Trump trade goals with Europe

Eurozone growth running at fastest rate since 2011

Spring may be season of price hikes in Japan this year

Japan's parcel deliveries hit new record in 2016

LDP extends max presidential term to 9 years

Inflation returns to Japan for the first time in more than a year

Japanese GDP down 0.5% in January: JCER

ANA to be first Japanese airline to fly 'hotel in sky' Airbus A380

Draft legal revision to allow foreign workers in farming sector

Japan pushes for tighter control on drug pricing, crimping big pharma profits

Yamato rate hikes lift package shippers, slam online retailers

Japan's Oct.-Dec. GDP upgraded to annual 1.2% rise

Disconnect between stock market and economy, OECD warns

Shorter hours spreading to Japan's retail sector

With tough part of Brexit ahead, U.K. marshals its resources