Increased Trade and Investment for UK-Japan Relations

Jan. 26, 2018

The new year ushered in the longest period of growth in more than twenty years for the Japanese market. On January 9th, the Nikkei stock average rose by 0.6%, marking a 26 year high, only to grow more from there on out. This can be explained through Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's successful Abenomics reform programme to welcome in investment and growth for the Japanese economy. 

Tatsunori Kawai, investment strategist at Securities, believes that this growing market is due to a lesser Yen value. The expectation for growth is apparent throughout economists, also such as Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda. In a speech delivered to BOJ regional bank managers, Haruhiko Kuroda conveyed his thoughts that economy is going to expand while inflation "to be moving around 1 percent". Sustained inflation is necessary to implement for a stronger Yen in the market. 

Improvement for the economy is on the horizon with three regions especially, Tohoku, Hokuriko, and and Kinki, delivering more optimistic results than from the October 2017 report. Investment between UK-Japan trade relations looks more and more beneficial as this developing economy grows. 

For the official statistics between the two countries, please read: JCCI Review Statistics