2018 EBC Chairman Election - Call for Nominations

Sept. 28, 2018

Letter from EBC - September 26, 2018

Dear EBC Members and stakeholders,

We inform you that Mr. Danny Risberg resigned as EBC chairman at the Board of Governors’ meeting on September 19. Mr. Risberg will be leading the Japanese operations of a US corporation and therefore concluded that in this new capacity he cannot represent the European business community any longer.

In name of the BoG and the EoB we would like to thank Mr. Risberg for his dedication and important contributions to the EBC over the past 5 years. Mr. Michael Loeffland currently serving as First Vice-Chairman will therefore replace Mr. Risberg as Chairman of the EBC until the end of this year.

We are therefore calling for nominations from candidates in accordance with constitution guidelines (prescriptions of Article 6.2 of the EBC Constitution) as indicated below. An Election Committee will manage the process of the election of our next EBC Chairperson, who is expected to take up duties on 1 January 2019. A timeline for the election process is attached for your reference.

The Election Committee was formed on September 18, 2018 and is composed of the following EoB members:
Election Committee Chairman:
Mr. Gregory Van Bellinghen (BLCCJ)

Election Committee Members:
Mr. Erik Ullner (FCCJ)
Mr. Takeshi Fujiwara (SCCJ)
Mr. Marco Zoli (ICCJ)

Roles and Duties of the Chairman:
The principal activities of the Chairman shall include the following:
(a) acting as the EBC spokesman, representing the EBC in dialogue with Japanese Government officials and liaising with the EU Delegation, European Commission, and other bodies relevant to achieving the objectives of the EBC;

(b) running the activities of the EBC, including chairing the Board of Governors and the EOB, reporting to the Board of Governors and the EOB on the state of the EBC's business interests and deciding the priorities of the EBC in consultation with the Board of Governors and the EOB;

(c) in consultation with the EOB, being responsible for the preparation of and adherence to the annual business plan and budget of the EBC;

(d) supervising the operation of the Secretariat. The Board of Governors is therefore looking to elect someone with:
- a very good understanding of the operations of the EBC and its committees and stakeholders
- excellent presentation and communication skills enabling him to deliver clear messages on complex regulatory matters
- can chair the EBC in a professional, impartial and respectable way
- has an excellent reputation among the European business communities in Japan

The following persons are eligible to submit their candidacy to the Election Committee:
- Present or past presidents of national European Chambers of Commerce and Recognised Business Organisations; or
- Present or past members of the EOB; or
- Individuals who are notified to the Secretariat as current representatives of member companies and who are participating in EBC committees on behalf of their respective member companies

If a candidate is a present President or EOB Member, his notification to the Election Committee shall confirm that if he is elected Chairman, he will have vacated the office of President or EOB Member before the commencement of his term of office as Chairman.

Deadline to receive Nominations:
Nominations must be received within 2 weeks of the dispatch of this call for nominations by email on October 10, 2018. The final CVs and election statements should be received 1 week later at the latest on October 17,2018.

Please address your nomination for your candidacy to:
Subject: Nomination for EBC Chairman
Email: election@ebc-jp.com

Final voting by EBC Board of Governors

Following this process and subsequent to the deadline for candidate submissions, the Election Committee will circulate the names, personal resumes and election statements of each candidate and a formal election will be conducted by sealed ballot among the EBC Stakeholders as per the relevant constitution articles (copied below for your reference), by the due date of 17 December, 2018, set by the Election Committee (a voting period of at least 60 days).

Thank you very much for your attention and co-operation in this important matter. Please feel free to contact any of us in the election committee.

Best Regards,

Mr. Gregory Van Bellinghen
Chairman, EBC Chairman Election Committee
Email: gregory.vanbellinghen@marellegroup.com

Mr. Erik Ullner
Email: e.ullner@ceres.ocn.ne.jp

Mr. Takeshi Fujiwara

Mr. Marco Zoli

Supporting documents:
2018 EBC Chairman Election - Call for Nominations
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