2018 BBA Nominees: Company of the Year

Oct. 30, 2018

By the conclusion of the 2018 British Business Awards (BBA) nomination period, on Thursday 18 October at noon, we had received 33 eligible nominations across 5 categories.

The following 6 companies are now in the running to lift the 2018 BBA Company of the Year trophy.

"Company of the Year nominees are required to show excellence and innovation across all aspects of their organisation in Japan, focusing on outstanding achievements in the past 12 months / most recent financial year."

2018 BBA/ Company of the Year

AstraZeneca K.K.

2018 is a milestone year for AstraZeneca in Japan. By pushing the boundaries of science, they have delivered a record seven new treatments to market. These have provided doctors with revolutionary treatments for diseases including cancers, asthma, and acid reflux, as well as offering genetic tests for patients which ensure the best medicines are prescribed for patient DNA.


BBC Global News Japan


BBC Global News Japan added two new groundbreaking digital live-streaming services in Japan – Amazon Prime, the #1 OTT platform, and Yahoo! Japan News, the most accessed news website. These services reach a significantly wider and more varied audience than before, putting the BBC at the forefront of digital innovation, and far surpassing competition.




Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber-defence and has enjoyed 300% year-on-year revenue growth. Over the past year, the firm has accelerated the adoption of its proven AI platform in Japan. As a result, Darktrace technology is now ensuring that a wide range of Japanese organisations are able to defend and fight back in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape.


Lumina Learning Japan Co., Ltd.

Lumina Learning Japan is a visionary learning and development consultancy, partnering with leading organisations to enable more diverse, inclusive work environments; engage and empower employees; improve work effectiveness; and increase productivity. In 2017-2018 accelerated growth was achieved by delivering innovative client training solutions and building a dynamic community of certified Lumina Practitioners within client organisations - both powered by an enhanced suite of UK leading-edge psychometrics. 


Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection Logo_pos_blue.jpg

As the threat of international terrorism increases, and with Tokyo poised to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Smiths Detection is playing a key role working with the Japanese Government to tighten airport security and ensure smooth passenger flow. The firm's new advanced body scanner, 'Eqo' brings cutting-edge technology and multi-material detection abilities to airports such as Narita, contributing to Japan's national policy as directed by Japan's Civil Aviation Bureau.


Williams Lea Tag Limited

01_WLT_LOGO_WHITE_BG_RGB.jpgWilliams Lea Tag (WLT) has been operating in Japan, the firm's first Asian market, for around 20 years. Established in London in 1820, the firm provides innovative, industry-leading marketing and business process outsourcing services to clients. Committed to supporting British companies locally and Japanese companies overseas, WLT leverages global and local expertise to help customers succeed. In Japan, WLT has grown revenues with a variety of new clients over the past year; content business has grown by nearly 200% and profitability by 300%.



The decision on a winning 2018 BBA entry is the result of the combined score of 6 separate judges, who independently score each submission using the same scoring matrix.

To ensure transparency, each judge independently returns his or her score sheet to the BCCJ office by 1 November 2018 and the results are tabulated confidentially. The scores from each judge are then totaled for each nominee, and the nomination with the highest accumulative score is declared the category winner.

In the event of two nominees receiving the same final score, all judges will be asked to review their scores for these companies / individuals, and the submission with the highest score from this second round of judging will be declared the winner.

The final results remain confidential until the BBA ceremony - held on the evening of November 2 2018 at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Good luck to all 2018 BBA nominees, and stay tuned for updates on other award categories! www.bccjapan.com


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