BCCJ Website RFP | You asked, we answered

Jan. 24, 2019

On Jan 17, the BCCJ circulated a Request for Proposal, for the redevelopment of of the BCCJ website.

Since then we have received questions about the RFP and the project process. To ensure a fair and transparent process for companies wishing to submit a proposal, the questions are collated, with answers, below. We started this page on Jan 21 and are updating on a regular basis.

Please note, we have removed the names and other identifying information of those who posed the questions.


a) Can foreign vendors participate in this opportunity? Will the preference be given to local vendors?
We are open to applications from foreign vendors, though preference will be given to teams we feel we can work closely with. Naturally, this may be a web and design team in Tokyo given the location advantage.

b) What issues is the BCCJ facing with the current website and wants to migrate it to an open-source platform?
We believe open-source allows for greater flexibility to adapt pages to our ever changing needs. For example, we may want to run a marketing campaign and alter the way certain features on a page respond without having to seek support from a third party.

c) As Drupal is the topmost choice of the world’s most influential nonprofits, how would the BCCJ be inclined to use Drupal as their preferred CMS on a scale of 1-10?
5. Having heard a mixed bag of reviews surrounding Drupal, we are impartial to this being chosen as the preferred CMS.

d) Will you be sharing design guidelines specific to the project?
The winning vendor should be able to supply a design team of whom can act as a lead, but also with whom we share the decision making process with.

e) Do you have a budget?
2,500,000JPY - 3,750,000JPY


a) Please specify the format and way the data for transfer may be accessed
Please allow us to confirm this with our current web developer.

b) Are the original images available or only what is currently on the website (which appear to have been sized and scaled for optimum performance). for example - https://www.bccjapan.com/media/uploads/articles/bccj-collage_dec2018.jpg?
We will work with our current web developer to provide the original image uploads, not just the displayed image on the website. It is likely we will use a cloud based system, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to share this data with the selected company.