Robert Walters 2019 Salary Survey Japan

June 26, 2019

The 20th instalment of the Robert Walters annual Salary Survey has been released: This article is specific to Japan, but to view the surveys of other countries please click here. The Salary Survey is a credible insight into hiring and salary trends worldwide. 

Overall the global hiring market was buoyant in 2018, with most markets reporting an increase in hiring due to positive economic conditions and employer confidence. Many markets continued to face candidate shortages, especially in relation to bilingual professionals and those with specialist digital skills.

In the UK, employers faced candidate shortages as professionals proved reluctant to switch roles due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. The technology industry continued to grow and hire aggressively.

In Japan, local and foreign companies competed for bilingual candidates with international experience, putting pressure on this already scarce talent pool. Overall the market remained candidate driven and this will continue in 2019.

With talent shortages set to continue in 2019, we advise companies to streamline their recruitment processes to avoid losing out on top talent. Hiring managers should also clearly articulate the company’s mission, strategy and values at the interview stage to differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, for scarce skill sets, employers are advised to hire ambitious, fast learners, even if they are not an exact fit for the job description.

Click here to download the full 54-page document detailing recruitment practices in Japan by industry.