Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy describes the personally identifiable information that the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan collects and how we use that information. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or our practices regarding your personally identifiable information, please contact

2. The Information That We Collect

The BCCJ collects two types of information:

(1) Personally identifiable information:

In the course of your dealings with the BCCJ you may provide us with personally identifiable information, including your first name, middle name, surname, workplace address, telephone and facsimile numbers and email address, home address, telephone and facsimile numbers and email address; cell phone number and email address, job title and function, profession, supervisors, department, business unit and location; educational and professional history; bank account details, credit card information, tax identification number and other information required for billing and payment; past transaction history with the BCCJ such as committee/board/chair membership; events attended, purchased publications, subscription information, order history for directory ads, mailing labels, donations, meal preferences and photographs. If you contact us by email, telephone, facsimile, postal mail or otherwise, we may keep a record of your contact information and correspondence. When you submit Personal Data to us, you understand and agree that this data may be supplied to UK Trade & Investment and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills who will take appropriate steps to ensure that such Personal Data is protected from unauthorised use and kept in a secure manner either electronically or on manual records. We will process any Personal Data you provide in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

(2)   Non-personally identifiable information

We may use cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information in connection with our websites, Our web pages may incorporate "pixel tags," "web beacons," or similar tracking technologies (collectively, "pixel tags") that allow us or our agents to track the actions of users of our sites. Pixel tags are used to collect non-personally identifiable information, such as the name of your internet service provider, the IP address of the computer you are using, the type of browser software and operating system that you use, the date and time you access our sites, the website address, if any, from which you linked directly to our sites, the website address, if any, to which you travel from our sites, and other similar traffic-related information. We may also aggregate your information with similar data collected from other users to help us improve our sites and the services that we provide through our sites.

3. How We Use the Personally Identifiable Information We Gather

We use personally identifiable information to: provide Members with lists of Members and contact information and to provide Members with updated information on other Members such as change of address, executive appointments, promotions, etc.; provide information to Members and Non-Members regarding BCCJ events, goods and services; compile, produce, edit and mail the BCCJ Membership Directory, BCCJ Acumen and other BCCJ publications; compile, print and sell mailing labels to Members; sell ads in connection with BCCJ publications; provide networking opportunities and tools for Members; liaise and communicate with UK, Japanese and other governmental and business groups to protect UK business interests; provide Non-Members with promotional materials regarding BCCJ membership, events, goods and services available to Non-Members; provide Non-Members with information regarding Members to the extent that some Members have consented to such disclosure; respond to submissions of business proposals; perform accounting activities such as billing and payment; correspond with Members regarding billing and payment issues, membership and subscription renewals, etc.; and respond to inquiries from Members and Non-Members.

The BCCJ on occasion may open events to Non-Members, in which case information about such events may be sent to Non-Members. When Non-Members sign up for the respective event, their names will be included on internal attendance lists. In addition, Members may bring Non-Members to events as their guests, in which case the names of their guests will be included on internal attendance lists.

Personal Data is collected for the purpose of promoting UK business competitiveness and to help secure overseas sales and investments. This may involve the information being used by UK Trade & Investment or the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for direct marketing and other activities for export promotion purposes. It may also involve the transfer of the data outside the European Economic Area via our overseas offices. In order to provide you with advice, the Personal Data may be passed to your nearest International Trade Team (ITT).

4. Methods of Disclosure and Member options for limiting disclosure

When personal information regarding Members is shared with Members or Non-Members pursuant to the purposes of use indicated in Section 3 above, the method of disclosure may be by direct person-to-person contact, telephone, facsimile, mail, email, internet website, BCCJ publications or mailing labels. Members may change certain preferences regarding the disclosure of their personal information to Members and Non-Members at any time (please refer to Section 5 below regarding "Obtaining, Changing or Deleting Personal Information; Handling of Complaints").

Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, we may provide personal information to certain delegates (including their employees, contractors, agents, and designees) or third party service providers to the extent necessary to enable them to perform certain administrative functions (such as providing photocopying, mailing, printing and website-related services (e.g., web hosting, website-related services and features, or maintenance services) on our behalf, or so that they may provide us with products and services, including tax and legal services; translation/interpretation services; benefits administration; and payroll services. We also may disclose personal information to any third party if we believe that we are required to do so by applicable law.

Please also note that, even without your consent, the BCCJ may use some of your personal information where it is legally permitted to do so.

5. Obtaining, Changing or Deleting Personal Information; Handling of Complaints

The BCCJ has established automated methods for Members to make appropriate changes to personal information as supplied by Members by accessing the online BCCJ Member Area. You may also request disclosure of your personal information and request that inaccurate information is corrected, amended, or, where appropriate, deleted by contacting

Please note that the BCCJ may not disclose personal information where such non-disclosure is consistent with applicable law.

You may also request that the BCCJ cease the use of your personal information on the grounds that such personal information was used (including provision of held personal information to a third party) or acquired in violation of Japanese law.

Members may also set and change certain preferences regarding the sharing of their personal information with Members and Non-Members by either accessing the online BCCJ Member Area or contacting the BCCJ secretariat:  

By default, Members receive broadcast communications from the BCCJ by email. However, you have the option to receive select communications, which can be exercised by calling the BCCJ at 03-4360-8361 or sending an email to

If you have any complaints, you may contact

6. Security

The BCCJ will take the appropriate legal, organisational, and technical measures to protect personal information consistent with applicable law regarding the protection of personal information.

7. Revisions to Privacy Policy

The BCCJ will review and improve our handling of personal information as necessary. Our most current privacy policy will always be posted on this page, so please review its terms regularly.

8. Links to Other Sites

Our sites may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not and cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of non-BCCJ websites.

* * *

Further to the above Privacy Policy, the BCCJ also asks members to respect fellow members' privacy by:

  • not sharing the personal data in the print and / or online membership directories with non-members, including with colleagues in the same company who are not enrolled in the BCCJ.
  • not sharing your BCCJ Member password with others and by changing the password when there is a possibility it has been compromised.
  • not using BCCJ data for general solicitation purposes or for broadcast messaging
  • always clearly identifying yourself and the purpose of the contact upfront.
  • contacting when someone is believed to be misusing BCCJ member data and / or is misrepresenting affiliation with the BCCJ.

To report incidents that you believe involve improper solicitation or use of member data, write to

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
20 January 2015